Custom DTHs in the new Samsung Connect app?

Sorry if this has been discussed before. I have a bunch of custom smartapps that I cannot use on the new Smarthings App (Smmsung Connect) . Until recently, this has not been a problem since I only use the classic app. I recently purchased the Smartthings Buttons and they work well but I can only program them using the new app. But I cannot see my custom apps (for example, arm my system or open my garage (MyQ)) because I cannot control these from the new app.

I am doing anything wrong? Any ideas on when or if this option will be available in the future?

Custom SmartApps that don’t work in the app:

Fan Switch
MyQ Garage
Ecobee Thermostats
Somfy Blinds

Check out this thread.


For app, check in Dashboard: Settings: Connected services. I don’t have that app but possible if could be there. For the MyQ, I have not found a work around to get it to work so I am afraid you are out-of-luck on that device at this point. Fan switch you can change to a dimmer DTH to get it to work in the new app. For somfy blinds you can add the generic switch setting and gain on/off in the new app. Ecobee, depending on which app/DTH you are using, you should be able to get it partially working. Check out the link in @eric182 post above :slight_smile:

You mean custom Device Type Handlers, right? Not custom smartapps.

If so, the thread that @eric182 linked to should answer the question. :sunglasses:

You might also find the following FAQ useful:


Yes, sorry custom Device Type Handlers.

I was able to change my Fan and Blinds to Dimmer Switch and they work now.

But I was not able to find generic-switch. All I get is this:


Do I have to install a generic-switch type?

Go to the thread noted above. It shows how you can edit a custom DTH by adding vid: generic-switch to the metadata definition section.


Thanks! Working on that right now.

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