Smart things Nest intergration?

I tried to connect my nest 3 to my smart things app via this tutorial ( )

I have gotten to the point where I have the Nest Manger on the smart things IDE and the requisite device handlers for it, I have also obtained a client ID and secret as per this walk through PDF :

However the nest developer website seems to be not fully functional, and even though I have the ID and secret on the IDE, they do not show up on the app so i cannot access my nest through the smart things app

I fear that this solution is outdated or I am incorrectly following the steps, any alternative methods, gitub links or software that can be offered up would be a life save, thanks !

What do you mean by not fully functional?

Did you paste the info into the column on the right? Not over the names in the left column as some have done.

You are using the SmartThings Classic app?

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There is an alternative solution that you can use which doesn’t require to use a developer account for a simpler installation.