This is more complicated then I thought!

I am new to smart things.

I have successfully connected my Sonos Playbar and Sonos Play 1. Also connected a Smart things Socket.

I want to take it the next level now and add my nest thermostat.

I have been on the website Smartthings IDE and I can see my hub and devices etc.

I have tried adding the the code into device handlers and adding device but nothing.

Also i have read there is now a NST manager which as a smart APP??

Now does anyone have any instructions Step by Step (for dummies) to activate this nest thermostat and download the smart app into smart things?

I actually cannot find anything that specific to downloading an app and cannot find anything that is step by step getting my nest to work either. I have found a few tutorials and i have done EXACTLY what they wanted but nothing.

Can some one please help.

Baring in mind this would be the first time I’m actually adding anything custom so I would need some instructions for a complete novice lol

Thanks for your time.

Almost every thread that has a Release of their own custom SmartApp usually contains a link (not always) to a thingsthataresmart wiki page with a full set of instructions:

Within that introduction to the SmartApp is the following link:

It seems difficult/complicated at first, but once you have acclimated to how most of these SmartApps and Device Handlers are added to your IDE, it becomes second nature (kind of) after you have installed a couple of different ones.

And if you encounter any issues, post in that official thread above as more people can give you assistance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Think I am 80% done…

Everytime I go back to enable Oauth its a blank screen. and when I go to the app to My marketplace I cannot find the NST Manager app?

Any ideas?

I have followed this STEP BY STEP…


After you Enable OAuth, press Update to save the settings.

If you are sure you did that, send a screenshot of the Smart apps page in IDE, including the OAuth column.

Edit: What url are logging into IDE with?

i can’t see the OAuth box…its all blank?

the log in that i am using is

i am in the UK if that helps?

thank you

To make sure that you are using the proper shard for Smartthings, Log into your IDE using this URL

  1. So log out of IDE.
  2. Log back in using
  3. The OAuth Enable should work now.

However because you created these SmartApps and Device Handlers in the incorrect shard, they might be in edited mode.

Please send screenshots of the SmartApps and Device Handlers Page in IDE once you have enabled OAuth.

Do not proceed to the Marketplace until we have confirmed a few things first.

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