Adding Nest to SmartThings

Hello, I know there’s plenty of topics discussing this but I can’t seem to get Nest running with my SmartThings hub. I followed all the steps on a youtube video and had 2 versions I found on Github that I added (Wasn’t sure which one to add). One is called “NST Automations” and the other “Nest Manager”. Neither work and when I try to selecting them in “My Apps” section of SmartThings for NST Automations, I receive the message" Houston We have a problem. NST Automations can’t be directly installed from the Marketplace. Please use the NST Manager SmartApp to configure them." The other message I receive for Nest Manager is “Nest Developer Data Missing. Client iD and Secret are both missing! The built-in Client ID and Secret can no longer be provided. Please visit the Wiki at the link below to resolve the issue.”

One other thing to note is for the “Capabilities” section in Github, it is blank for Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat which just happens to be the 2 devices I’m trying to setup. I authorized the OAuth for both apps as well. Can anyone please assist or guide me to the best guide/thread for this?

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I haven’t got this so I may be well off the mark, but do you need to enable OAuth.
EDIT: I see you have just had a reply which is probably nearer the mark. Just a thought though.

Just to confirm, when you say NST Manager is that NST Automations or Nest Manager? I found both and added them just in case the other didn’t work

Ok, I am attempting to create a developer account but it wants a company name and URL. What do most people do in that case? I don’t have neither and it says it’s a mandator field.

Got the account created however the guide says the next step is to add a product. I’m being prompted to create an OAuth Client instead. Sorry I have more questions than most people and I do appreciate your help jkp.

The last two pages of the nest developer guide above describe where you can find that info in your nest developer account and where to enter it for the NST Manager in IDE @

Best advice, read the guide thoroughly and make sure you follow every single step. If you skip anything, it will come back to bite you later. Mainly setting up permissions. :slight_smile:

I almost have it. The only problem is I cannot add the products because it won’t take: as the Default OAuth Redirect URI. Is there a new URL for this?

Make sure there are no empty spaces before/after that URL in your Nest Developer Account.

There is an alternative where you don’t need to create a complicated developer account setup:

However it costs. NST Manager is free and the free support for it here in this forum is exceptional.

Yeah sure, but for all Nest users out there, time is money… And, they may not want to have issues with state variables later on and lose their oauth credentials…

Have there been issues in the past, yes. Solved now and working just fine. Have there been issues with APIs changing on you and you pointing-out to your users it’s not your issue, yes. At least in the case of the NST Manager many people came to the forefront to help resolve the issues, for free.

So what’s your point again?

The state variables issue will come back after a while as the only way to solve it is to reinstall the DTHs and service manager:

My design doesn’t rely on some extensive use of state variables, so there’s no need for support from the start…

Again, we’ll all know that time is money and reliability is key…

Good luck with your free solutions…

Thank you for your replies. Is there a quick guide or video on how to do this? I’ve spent all day trying to figure out how to setup this thing and am about to give up. I’m surprised there really isn’t any videos or guides online. Thanks.

How much do you value your time? With my MyNextManager, you don’t need to create a developer account and set up different permissions… BTW, if you make some mistakes during the process, the DTHs won’t work normally later…

yes I’m interested in using MyNextManager however I’m still not sure how this works. There’s a contribute selection for $20 and then there’s a separate link that says: “link to GitHub”. Do I simply pay the $20 and it guides me on the steps? I’m not really knowledgeable with GitHub.

Hi, all the prerequisites and installation steps are described here:

The link for the $20 contribution is here:

No github integration is required…

The steps should take you less than 10 minutes if you are familiar with ST…


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I purchased it however it’s been downloading for over 10 minutes on my iMac. Does this only work with PC?

Did you receive the sellfy download link and click on it? Which browser are you using?

I did it using safari but read after chrome is preferred. I’m doing it on chrome now and it works however I lost 1 of 5 of my downloads due to this