New to ST, and need Nest help

Okay New User with SmartThings hub and so did not have Nest Dev Acct prior, but have a some Nest Products I want to add to the ST hub v3.
I have already read that I should use the ST Classic App for this Nest integration, and have downloaded and launched it successfully with the hub and I have installed the Nest Manager from GitHub and it shows up in the STC app, but says I do not have creds…

Does anyone have any detailed setup info for doing this?
I have already created Nest Dev Acct, but do not see how to create the authorizations to enter into the STC app Nest Manager…

Any help appreciated for this Newby.

Read the following pdf file and at the end you will find the instructions on how to enter your nest developer info into NST Manager.


If you want a simpler install and a resilient & reliable Nest integration (you don’t need to do the tedious process to of copying and pasting the different Nest permissions), here is an alternative: