Smart Tags not being detected by other phones, only my own


I’ve purchased two smarttags (not the plus version). I have installed the Smartthings app and using the Smartthings Find functionality. The two smart-tags when left in very crowded locations (hundreds of cars and people passing) are not being detected at all by any other galaxy devices.

Only when I come within range - say 75-100 meters, they suddenly show up again. I cannot understand what setting to change to be able to have them function as I need them to - being a tracker for my bicycle or luggage, where I can remotely verify where they are (without my phone being in range).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you opened the tags in SmartThings Find and ticked “Share this device’s location” for each?

The description of what that does isn’t a masterclass in clarity as it in couched in terms of your location being revealed to other Location members when your phone is connected to the tag, and ignores the privacy of anyone else who might be knowingly carrying or connecting to the tag. So it may or may not be relevant to your issue.

hey thanks for answering, well when I select that it asks me to invite someone else. It just allows other people (I guess) to see my device’s locations. But it is not related to the devices not being seen by any other device except my own.

I’m just trying to use the basic functionality as advertised by Samsung (in all their promo videos and in 3rd party reviews) where the smarttags will use nearby galaxy devices (so not only my own phone) to show their approx. position.

The fine print at the bottom of this page

Says they have a Bluetooth range of 120m. Presumably that’s max with no obstructions.

I wasn’t really convinced myself, but it was the only setting I could remember having to use for anything.

One of my tags is in the same room as me at the moment and hasn’t moved for days but according to the location history in SmartThings Find it was half a mile away at 9:30am this morning. Another household phone may well have been in that location at that time so I am wondering if that phone had been connected to that tag and ‘the system’ still considered it was and so updated its location with that of the phone. It really isn’t clear exactly how they behave. Indeed it isn’t very clear how they behave at all.

I certainly do not consider the tags as tracking devices. I consider them more as devices which can be located on demand. I so rarely look at SmartThings Find when a tag and its ‘owner’ phone are physically separated that I can’t even recall to what extent they update their locations automatically or if they have to be refreshed manually in SmartThings Find.

I have two Plus tags. One in the car, the other on the key fob. All work as advertised. Testing has been up to 5 miles away. Battery life reasonable. SoCal.

It finally got resolved without any known reason, but a friend suggested that somehow the tags weren’t fully synced with the smart things network and it needed ‘more time’( in my case around 36h). Everything works perfectly now, even when driving or in areas with relatively few people! thanks all for helping :slight_smile: