SmartTag Belongs to Another Person

I registered 7 SmartTags with my previous S8. Recently I changed to an S22 and removed my old phone from the Samsung account. With this step or due to any other migration issue, the tags probably ended up in Nirvana:

  • I cannot see the tags in SmartThings on my new phone.
  • I performed the reset procedure with one of the tags (battery removal, etc.) and started the adding.
  • Then a message appears: “This tag belongs to some other person. Remove it from its SmartThings app first”

Can anyone help me with some advice on a working recovery procedure other than buying new tags?

Whenever I think I get a handle on how the SmartTags work someone reports their adventures with the things and I start questioning what I think I know.

As long as you used the same Samsung/SmartThings account on the new phone I would have expected you to be able to see and control the SmartTags. The SmartThings API references the Samsung Account that onboarded them by the short form reference, and also has an ownerId which is SmartThings way of referring to the same account as a UUID. There is nothing that seems to bind them to a particular phone.

So perhaps the first thing to confirm is whether you are indeed using the same Samsung Account with SmartThings.

If you are using the same account make sure that you are using the correct SmartThings Location in the SmartThings app. That should appear at the top of the page when viewing Favourites or devices in Rooms. Sometimes you can end up with more than one without realising it.


Thanks for your reply! Everything you say sounds reasonable. I believe that it worked originally after having changed the phone with the Smart Switch app. The problem is that I cannot tell for sure when the issue occurred. I remember having updated all installed Samsung apps and SmartThings seemed to run me through a new setup afterwards. Honestly I cannot tell, if I then messed up something with the Samsung account. At least I am not aware of having more than 1 account, which works. Could be that I was asked to “use my phone for sign-in” in the setup? I doubt, if I get it fixed on my own (no rooms or devices added / visible). Any idea, if Samsung could do an account / ownerId and devices check for me?

Samsung was able to tell me, that I had two registered e-mail addresses. So @orangebucket was right. There was another zombie account, which I was not aware of anymore. I finally managed to delete it. Afterwards I could reset the SmartTags and newly register them without any issue.