Smarttag2 doesn't track

I bought some smarttags a few days ago and so far i can’t see any useful function. I sent the tag with my wife a few times when she went out (store, mall, etc), and there was no tracking at all. It seems the only phone capable of detecting the tag is my own when I’m in the same room with it. My wife also has a Samsung phone, but still no tracking.

Is like to use them for luggage and package tracking, but so far i can’t see how that would work. What do i need to do to make these things work?

A tag is associated with the Galaxy phone/tablet that was used to install it, and if other members of the same SmartThings Location have Galaxy devices those may also be able to connect to it if it is fully set up. As long as one of those Galaxy devices is nearby it should be possible to find the tag. You may find you have to request the location be updated rather than it automatically being tracked.

If no such device is nearby for about twenty minutes the tag should consider itself lost and start sending out pings which can be detected by Galaxy devices in Bluetooth range that are configured for offline finding and the approximate location reported in if they have a data connection. Again you might findyou have to request the location for it to update