Smart plug that is in 'ON' state when power is applied

I have the Sylvania Smart+ smart plug and I found out the hard way, while on vacation, that if there’s a power outage in the house, when the power returns, this plug goes into the ‘OFF’ state regardless of the state before the power outage :frowning:

Are there any smart plugs that go to the ‘ON’ state when power is re-applied after a power failure? Or, better yet, any smart plugs that maintain their ON/OFF state when power is re-applied? Bonus points if they only cover one of the two outlets.

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One of my plugs (TPLink) did the opposite - which left an electric fire on in a little-used room for possibly up to a day. Really good thing I didn’t have anything flammable in front of it, thinking it wouldn’t be on.

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Yes, it should be clearer how these devices act when power is removed. There is nothing in the manual of my plugs indicating either way :frowning: