Smart Meter UK - Build an app / device handler for api?

I have figured a way of getting data out of my smart meters cad/ihd (geo trio ii) via an api in the cloud.

I haven’t previously built an app or device handler and I don’t know which I will need to report live energy usage readings.

Is there any existing apps that do something similar I can use as a reference? or any guides?


Hi there! So, Can you also send commands to your Smart Meter through that API?
Can you share with me an example of the data you can get or send to it, please?


There is so much data that comes back

  • Total power consumption (Kwh) for both gas and electricity (your meter reading)

  • Tarif information (price per kwh for both fuels)

  • Live readings (in Watts) of usage for electricity

I think my initial plan would be to include the total consumption (meter reading) and the live values (so i can alert if my usage spikes)

I’ve managed to write a basic app for now on glitch. I’ll write up the process when I get chance.

I still need to figure out how to make it poll every x minutes, it’s currently only working if I manually refresh

I’m very interested in this … I have a British Gas Smarter which has a GEO stand , so I guess it’s manuafactured/sold by GEO…Good effort

I’m unlikely to be able to work on it until the new year now, but priority to sort are the following

  • Figure a way to stop the glitch app sleeping, or find an alternate host

  • Sort out the polling/ refresh - currently the only way it works is to manually refresh in smartthings

The pre-requisites as far as I can see are ( I’ve only tested with my own setup)

  • Geo in home display with WiFi capability/module
  • A working account on the geo home app (paired with your in home display)


Doesn’t look like my British Gas Smartmeter is accessible :slight_smile:

No WiFi module?

No accessible WIFI … but I think it’s some proprietary comms that GEO might use to talk between their display device and the transmitters in the meter cupboards. But I’ve think it might be worth exploring the idea of buying a GEO hub and seeing if that communicates with the British Gas GEO supplied components ??? Tried talking to British Gas today … as to be expected the Customer Services don’t have a clue. I then contacted HIVE , and asked Why does HIVE not communicate with British Gas Smartmeters ? , if it’s a SMART Home device … no help there either. I think I’ll ring GEO on tomorrow , if a GEO Hub at £70 will talk to British Gas Smartmeters then it might be worth exploring … Especially if YOU are going to write the Java Code , I’m a 60 year old FORTRAN/ALGOL/360 Assembler programmer so you young guys are more in tune than me :slight_smile:
Which company suppilied your SMARTMETER ?

Mine is from Avro

Your gas meter, elec meter and in home display are all connected using zigbee, that is controlled by your energy company - you can’t just purchase a new device and add it. Your energy company would need to supply and provision it.

My in home display is geo trio ii, if you can go into settings and scan for WiFi, it has WiFi. The WiFi is a plugin optional module though. You could ask BG to supply one. This provides an additional radio for your in home display.

I’m a software developer too, in telecommunications, but I’m a bit rusty as I’ve been on the architecture side for the last 4-5 years.


Would Pollster not provide a polling short term answer?

Thanks for the tip, I was trying to write the app just using the new methods without the ide as I’m not sure when we will lose it. But pollster helps for now as it will refresh on schedule and also seems to stop the glitch app from sleeping.

Edit: glitch app is still sleeping :frowning: you can preview what I’ve done so far here!/pond-snow-balance?path=index.js

Thank you @fido

I’ve just bought a Geo Trio WiFi Module here:

Wifi up and working, but it’s not displaying the online code that I need for the app.

No idea if the cloud side needs support from my energy supplier (SSE) or if it should just work. Very interested in what you’re doing.

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What happens when you go into settings, online setup?

Wifi is connected. Online setup is greyed out.

I can see it asking the router for the ip address of (or some other numbers 09 15, …)

App wants the code on the display in Online Setup :frowning:

Mine stays greyed out for approx 60s after WiFi connection, then becomes available.

Maybe worth asking geo about that, they seem pretty good at responding to Twitter posts

Will do. Haven’t really got time to play with it today, but I’ll investigate a little further before I bother them. Thanks.

Anyone else needing the WiFi module, service was really quick.

Contacted Geo & SSE. Nobody got back to me to say they’d done anything, but it finally worked after about 30 hours of being online.

Now to see about scraping my data back. :-/

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I posted a link to my glitch app above if you want to look at what I’ve been doing…

The config I’m using on the glitch app is the following (along with username, password and oauth token)

Base URL =

Login path = /usersservice/v2/login

Device details path = /api/userapi/v2/user/detail-systems?systemDetails=true

Live meter data = /api/userapi/system/smets2-live-data/

Periodic meter data = /api/userapi/system/smets2-periodic-data/

The system id grabbed from the device details path is added to the end of the live and periodic urls


Hi Louis,

Thanks. I wrote my first program in 1968 and am generally just a C/Php hacker these days, so don’t expect to contribute much, but new tricks/old dog. Hopefully get some time to look at what you’re doing.


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