SmartThings Energy Monitor & Gas

I have installed the energy monitor to my smart meetings but only get electricity data. What do I need to do to see the gas data?

As far as I am aware it doesn’t handle the gas data. At least I’ve never seen any. Makes a bit of a mockery of the app really.

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Yeah its not what you would call an all in, shining example of energy monitoring

More a day behind general look at electricity that keeps a historic record from when the app started working for the user, or to put it another way, an app that will probably get a press release somewhere about helping save electricity, money and the planet but in reality it just leaves the user scratching there heads

You cant even add your standing charge so the amount you see on screen is always wrong !

Thanks both. That is a shame as it has much potential. Is there a forum somewhere where we can raise these issues and see if there is anything on a roadmap to address them? Like you said @fido it seems a bit of a head scratcher if it isn’t going to be developed further.

The ivie bud 3rd party smart meter has live view integration with ST but only for electricity. They are £50 to buy so not exactly cheap for a few extra features