[RELEASE] Qubino Smart Meter

Hi all! This is my first attempt with a device handler, and it’s just a beta.
Anyway, I’m using this code and seems working good.

The Qubino Smart Meter is a Energy/Power meter device that can also manage two relays. My device handler currently doesn’t manage them, but reports correctly the energy informations, like current power, Max/Low values, power factor, etc.

Of course there is a lot of space for improvements, but I think that it is better to publish this beta now so that if you need that device handler you can use it right now.

Main screen:




I just bought that same device and I’m planning to install it in a few days. So even though I haven’t used it yet, I just wanted to thank you for your work.

As soon as I’ll have it working I’ll let you know if everything is working for me too, Maybe I can even help you out with some improvements.

Best regards!

Hi Thanks for the DH, unfortunately it seems not updating correctly the data for the latest smart meter version.
Power consumption is showing always 1 and other fields are empty. Maybe a mapping issue. Do you have time to work on this issue ? i can provide you all the details.


Hi there!
yes, there was an update on smarthings and the device driver stopped working.

I have already developed a new version that works correctly, but I need to clean the code a little.

Anyway, thanks for your reply, I’ll try to post a new release sooner, so that you can also have the device working again.

Yes Please , as soon as you can :slight_smile:

Cattivik …do you have any news ?

Any news on this one? :slight_smile:

Just checking in to see if you’ve had any chance to update the DTH in GitHub?


Hi cattivik66,

Is there any news regarding the update of this device handler?

You did a really great work with the first version of the DH and it would have been really nice if you could publish also the beta version of the updated DH. :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry for my delay. Currently I am selling my home and planning to move abroad so I was too much busy to go forward with this project.

I have updated today the release, hope everything is fine but I didn’t had the time to check myself.
If you find any issue let me know.

Here the link to obtain the code:

Has anyone tested the latest release here?

I’ve ported this Hubitat and seems to work except it doesn’t refresh… I can do it manually. Anyone else seeing this?

any news? i will buy it to check the energy from my photovoltaics…

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