Gas meter now showing in Energy app

Just noticed here in the Uk that we now have Gas showing in the energy app, Gas in the Uk is an actual gas not a liquid vehicle propelant

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Yes, I clocked the device last Thursday morning and it had been created Wednesday afternoon for me. I guess it makes the app marginally more useful, though I only have it installed because I can and only look at it because it is on the same tab as Find.

Seems a bit off not to also have one for the electric as well as the gas.

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That is exactly what i thought… seems odd to explicity mention gas but not electric !!

I wonder if it is within the realms of reality that we may see Gas and Electric costs displayed at the top of the home page along with on, off, avg temp and so on

I’ve never really examined the data in the Energy app as there has never been any point without a separate electricity and gas breakdown.

Is it simply that the Smart Meter has only ever been reporting electricity and the gas data is completely new? Is the Smart Meter really a ‘Total’ or is it just that the app has only just discovered gas and hasn’t fully adapted?

It certainly still needs to handle standing charges for any costs to be meaningful.

It is difficult to write about Uk energy without adding details on how it works and how the general public is hood winked by the Govmnt and suppliers alike but the upshot is there is a greater desire today to have control over your energy useage than ever before, this is contrary to what energy companies and the Govrmnt want as they both like your money, plain and simple

The energy app in ST for most users will only ever display historic data, how that can be useful to a user is unclear and even if standing charges (supplier profits) get added to the app, the data presented remains historic and largely useless asside for useage as a comparison between the ST app and what your energy supplier demands you pay

Gas in the US is short for gasoline, not an improper use of the word for gaseous materials.

I wish our local utilities had ST compatible smart meters. The electric utility has a smart meter but it only works with their proprietary app. I’ve got a Sense, got it’s not great.

So a Gas meter device is created but there’s no data? Is this only happening for customers of a certain utility company?

In the UK the ‘Smart Meter’ and the ‘Gas Meter’ are currently just vehicles to deliver historical usage data to the Energy app using the device model. There are other stock and custom capabilities but those either have zero or null values depending on if they are presented in the app. To be fair there isn’t a lot else they can do as all Chameleon are doing is accessing the DCC database daily. As your supplier will typically have their own analysis tools, and there are other third parties doing the same sort of thing with the same data, SmartThings isn’t really doing anything particular novel or interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased that they are doing it but this aspect of the SmartThings Energy app has been rather oversold and sits outside the core SmartThings automation and control model.

Some users may have ‘Consumer Access Devices’, typically as part of the ‘In Home Display’, that can access the more detailed consumption data available in their home (say ten second electric data, and thirty minute gas). Those would be much more interesting toys to have integrated with SmartThings. I’ve had no dealings with those though so I’ve no idea if there is any activity on that front. Some descriptions of the Bulb integration sound like it could have been the approach used but I really don’t know.

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