What Devices does the SmartThings “Energy” Service Work With? (2022)

Excellent work and thank you Mariano, is there a way to aggregate the energy useage of devices ?

The ideal way would be to have the ability to add a new service on the (life) tab, ST already have there energy useage service but it is of no use, if a new service could be created that gives more flexibility for data collation and usefull results such as total kwh / costs of collated driver totals

Is any of this possible ?

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To collect data from various devices, I think it would have to be done to a smartApp, which obtains data from the api.

In that I have no idea how to make it out of groovy.

Milan was looking to see if lifestyle smart energy could collect the data as driver use stock capabilities.

In Spain it is not available and I do not know how it works.

It was worth an ask, needs move faster than the main developers can take notice, have zoom meetings and send emails

The pace of development with ST is less than agile leaving the wholly grail of home power management a continued dream


Here in Spain we all users already have smart meters installed, internet connected, and electric companies have applications where you can see:

  • Daily consumption by hours and by tariff sections. We have 3 daily rates: peak, valley and flat.

  • Consumption by monthly section.

  • Consumption by yearly or personalized sections

  • They can be data downloaded in excel, csv format and taken to another application that calculates the invoice with the electriciti price that it had each day and each hourly section.

With this you know perfectly what you are consuming in each section and reprogram it to the cheapest period.

I don’t think smartthings can give so much information.

These are some screenshots, they can also be translated into another language :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In the UK the Stupid smart meter rollout has been a disaster, the meters give no usefull information, totals for the day but what good is that at controlling devices consumption

And that only works if you have a Smets2 meter, however if you change supplier your existing meter might work with the next supplier and it might not, if you have a Smets1 meter no supplier will change the meter as the government has tried to change the system where Smets1 becomes enrolled but that has been curtailed due to multiple energy suppliers going bust

The whole smart meter rollout has been an expensive outdated disaster

it is very unusual for any UK resident to easily access there data and even if it was possible it is totals which does not help with limiting expensive to run devices

Recently SmartThings introduced smart app SmartThings Energy, however i don’t see data aggregation for this devices, and on the app text states add appliances. Maybe it’s only meant for Samsung’s appliances.

It does have potential, looking at the screens, however it is not aggregating this data.

Maybe someone from SmartThings side can help with this?
@nayelyz is there any way you can find out, if this app can be used for collecting data from non-appliances?

Although available to some of us (but totaly flawed, short sighted and useless) the energy app/service seems aimed at the Korean Market, to be honest all the services seem so niche I would not be surprised if they were all developed for Korea

Yup, Samsung only, which is my point, in Korea with a different culture, smaller properties it is easy to understand the Samsung only device selection but it fails to allow flexability for multi national use for different brands and cultures

What could be simpler, add a smart plug with or without power sense, add the wattage of the device if not power sense, all device power useage fed into a smart app/service where you add your own unit cost, all data could then be collated into multi national useful information

Millions of customers world wide are being hit by an energy crisis, the ability to see in detail your costs and control those costs is absolutely crucial

Is it that the Korean owners are short sighted or the American side which to be perfectly frank cares little for anything outside of the US that is failing to address what COULD be a game changer… who knows !

Or if US / Korean citizens had to pay upward of $350 per month for home energy, would useful power useage and reactive control become available ?? You can bet your bottom Euro it would

A Smart app/home should be able to estimate
Current total power useage
Current total power cost
Current highest lowest power useage device
Estimate weekly monthly costs based on history
Advise on device run times to save energy
Have the ability to know when cheaper rates are available and advise of courses of action
Corralate a rooms energy consumption
And NOT with those hard to read graphs that’s have taken up residence in the ST app, proper usefull easy to read list that react to changes

Items like that create a Smart app/home

In the US power is cheaper and at least I’m my area we do NOT have smart metering.

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According to the official page, SmartThings Energy is not used only for Samsung Appliances but I don’t know the requirements (capabilities, etc.) that devices must meet to show data there.

@SamsungZell, do you know something about that? Thanks!

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According to that page, no plugs are mentioned, only appliances.

If SmartThings allows other hub connected devices to be added that would be great, and to open this to other countries, too.

Not only open it to other devices but allow a device to have a virtual purpose

A Smart plug that is NOT power sense to have the option for the addition of

  1. Power of the device attached
  2. A virtual purpose, a plug or pocket socket to take on a device type… ie, washing machine, dishwasher, air fryer, fridge freezer, lighting type, TV etc

This will then enable the existing but currently useless energy service/groovy app to recognise and offer appropriate details and advice as it does with official integration from Samsung appliances

The bones are there, the service just needs to be expanded not slightly but fully to encompass virtual finger prints

Possible issues can be devices that draw power which greatly vary between the devices off state and running, (devices that go into standby)
Ie. Washing machine etc
Instead of a non power sense plug use a power sense plug and allow it to defined virtually as a washing machine ( virtual fingerprint) etc

But for other devices that do not vary
Ie. Lighting
on off only which uses a fixed power draw once on with no standby, a simple non power sense plug could be utilised, off = 0watts on = user defined and allow it to be defined as the item it is plugged into

Samsungs own promises…


Our slogan incorporates Samsung Electronics’ determination and action to put Earth and the environment. Samsung Electronics laid the foundations for Eco-management as a philosophy for the 21st century in the Samsung Environmental Declaration in 1992. Since then, we have gone beyond mere passive adherence to environmental regulations and laws. We have put Eco-management into action, offering our customers eco-friendly solutions and leading the way to a sustainable future. A healthy environment is essential to our future.

Saving power and the environment fits with the Samsung ethos… the question is, how commited are they ?

Hey there! Happy to clear up any confusion, upon adding the Smart Things Energy service it advises that the requirements to use are Samsung home appliances.

It allows you to manage the energy usage of your Samsung Home Appliances electricity usage to save energy with data available in monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly reports to allow you to determine which devices are using the most energy and what time they are using it.

@milandjurovic71, is correct plugs are not included.

Only Samsung Home Appliances like the ones mentioned in the above post: Air Conditioners, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Air dresser, Air Purifier, Vaccum cleaners and select family hub refrigerators.

I hope this message finds you well!



Can you clarify the requirements please as the official page does appear to suggest different

Quote from official product page
“not just of your Samsung appliances but of your entire home”

This seems to strongly suggest other products in the home that are not Samsung


Or just open it for everything, not just Samsung Appliances, and for everyone


Maybe… or more than likely I’m going mad, but I am positive not long ago I had a pr release arrive on my mail touting the energy app and including other devices…

Just checked my mail, it was not very encouraging, seems the wording on the official page is mis leading

But non the less the official page does suggest different to what is currently achievable in the energy app

Oh but that is certainly not going to happen … Some idiot at Samsung actually thinks that by forcing Samsung products to be able to get a functionality that we’re going to be stupid enough to purchase Samsung over another brand… Same goes for the windows SmartThings app which only has full functionality on a Samsung laptop. Well I hate to tell you Samsung, I’m not buying your inferior laptop to get the full functionality of the Smartthings app. Not happening today nor tomorrow

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Its like apple style , buy apple to make it work.

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Hey there! @fido, I completely understand how that wording could be misunderstood. I have escalated this concern for you to locate a definite answer on if it is Samsung Home Appliances only, and once I know more information, I will update the thread.

I hope this message finds you well!


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