Smart Lighting unreliable

I seem to get a lot of ‘missed events’ from buttons I’m using as light switches. I’ve got some Smartthings buttons and some hank z-wave 4-controllers. The lights are set using the smart lighting smartapp to toggle on a button press.

However when they fail (20-40% of the time) I can see the button press in the history of the app, but the light doesn’t react. How do I diagnose the issue?

Edit: I’m using Smart Lighting because it supposedly runs locally, however I’d be happy with anything that works, ideally without a 5 second delay! I would think if the button was the issue the ‘pushed’ event wouldn’t appear in the history?

Smart Lighting only runs local if it is working with locally-running devices, and even then there are still caveats. This is a good summary:

Its best to check in the IDE to see if the rule is indeed local.