Did Smart Lighting Die?

Oddly, all of my automations work that don’t use Smart Lighting? Started about an 30 minutes ago. Anyone else?

Check this:

Located on the main page of the community are links to check the status of the backend. You’ll select ‘Platform Status’

The first place to check is the front of your HUB to see what color the indicator light is; the ‘is it plugged in’ check.

Login to your account and check My Locations->Events to see if anything was logged. Then check My Locations->Notifications to see if there was a crash.


Welcome to the community. By the way, I started there. Unfortunately the status page isn’t always updated quickly when there are outages.

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Thanks @JDRoberts. What’s odd, is everything works great, EXCEPT for those that use Smart Lighting.

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Yep, I have a smart light that’s acting randomly as well…

Thanks. I can confirm there is an issue. You can use the app to navigate to your things and turn on/off lights, but attempt to run a coRE script and nothing happens. Even push statements from motion sensors don’t seem to work. Does this indicate a server outage?


For me, nothing works that uses Smart Lighting, however everything else is working perfectly.

Since smartlighting is the only type of automation except for a few bits of SHM that can run locally, certainly possible that something could be affecting it that is not affecting your cloud automations.

You can test that very quickly by changing one of the devices in your smart lighting automation to use a device type handler which does not run locally. Or if you have any Hue bulbs connected through the hue bridge , just add a hue bulb to the existing automation.

Either of those steps would then force the smartlighting automation to run in the cloud instead of locally.

And if that fixes the problem, then it’s a problem with local operation.

In any case, definitely report it to support.


(many times problems which only affect some customers never appear on the official status page. But if you report it to support, engineering will get an indication of trending issues and so there may be more resources assigned to work on it.

If you look at the first bug reports in the community – created wiki, you’ll see that probably 90% of those never get reported on the official status page even when they are confirmed as known problems by SmartThings support. :disappointed_relieved:


There’ve been a number of requests in these forums for a better explanation of what appears on the status page and what doesn’t, but the criteria still isn’t clear.)

The other hand, if core Pistons are also being affected, then it’s not an issue with local processing. It might be something to do with some specific device type handlers.

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Great idea. It only affects devices that run local.

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Hmmm… so is the core problem a different problem? Or is the core problem limited to devices that have local device type handlers?

What specific brand and model are the devices that are failing? And what device type handler are they using?

Rebooting the hub did not fix the issue.

I think it’s different. Everything cloud works (boy it was painful saying that). Smart Lighting fails when triggering any local device type. @slagle

I did report it to support when the problem started. It could be related to the beta.

Literally everything that runs local. ST, GE, etc.

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Nope. Obvious first step for IT people.

Since I’m new to this game, could someone please give me a form-letter of what I should email support with? What information do I give them?



You can access it from inside the app. They’ll want to know the devices and times affected, plus any app involved.

The app keeps telling me to set up an email account. I press on email support and it asks me to configure an email account.

Contact support here:


First things first, tell them that you give them permission to look at your account to investigate the problem. That will save you one full email exchange, because otherwise they have to ask you first.

Tell them the email that your SmartThings account uses if it’s different than the email that you are writing them from.

Then give them a basic incident report. What happened. What were you expecting to happen. What exact automations (with the name) failed? Date and time of the failure. Has this automation been running successfully for a while, or was it something new. That should give them enough to get started as long as you gave them permission to look at your account.

You can also tell them what you’ve already tried to fix it, including rebooting the hub, etc.

@slagle or @aaron might have some additional suggestions. :sunglasses:

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Mine uses the email that I logged into the app with. Admittedly, I set it up eons ago, so maybe I’ve forgotten something. Just send directly to support@smartthings.com

Before I do so, I need to understand where coRE fits into this. I’m not clear on local vs. cloud and if coRE is run one way or the other. If I inform IT I’m having trouble with a coRE trigger of motion sensor not turning on a bulb. Aren’t they going to give me the full run around with basic coRE and programming questions? I’m not going to start from square one.