Smart Lighting Slow?

I am on HUBv2 and have been since the day it came out… I have a bunch of Smart Lighting automations that turn on some lights when a door opens and turns them off 10 min later. Up until a week ago or so, these automations have been instantaneous - which, I presume, is due to the fact that Smart Lighting and my devices (GE/Jasco Z-wave on/off switches, and z-wave contact switches) all run local on my hub.

However, the last week or so there have been delays between when I open the door and the lights come on… it’s sometimes 5-10s which makes no sense with the local processing. It reminds me of the 2013 days!

Has anyone else noticed LOCAL devices having lag lately?

i have a support ticket in for message flooding from my locally run smart lighting automations. One automation will send the same request at least 15 times in a minute. (Maybe until it times out?) I imagine that could cause some delays. What do your logs show?

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My logs look normal. Next time it happens, I’ll grab them though.