SmartLighting App in SmartThings saying it's not local, I thought it was?

Am I missing something? I created this from the SmartThings Samsung App.

Is it because the button is an “IKEA Tradfri Remote” button and that runs in the Cloud? Or are there other settings I need to change?

Sorry, very new to this…



Smartlighting Automations are local ONLY if everything in the chain is local (usually the culprit is the device handler) AND if you don’t use an advanced calculation in the automation that would make it run in the cloud. (For instance, if you’re turning on or off, setting values or colors you should be fine, but say if you wanted something to fire on a recurring basis at Sunset, your hub needs to be online at the time it calculates sunset for TOMORROW’s trigger…)

So like I said the DTH is usually the culprit. to get local ops on your devices.

  • The device connectivity must SUPPORT hub direct connect (Meaning Zwave or Zigbee only)
  • The device must support one of the default SmartThings provided device types (ONLY default DTHs are eligible to even run locally - so NO custom DTHs)
  • The Device DTH Must be enabled to run locally (This is a SmartThings decision - devices that run locally must have the DTH in the hub so it actually has to be in the firmware. how they pick and choose is way beyond our understanding…)

So what Devicetype is your Ikea Remote?


Thanks Nathan, brilliant information.

I did wonder if that was the issue. The IKEA multi button device runs in the cloud and has a custom handler as part of smartthings . Thus no chance of that being local :slight_smile:

Thanks again, have a great weekend!!!


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