Smart lighting automations stopped working (Feb 2022)

My smart lighting automation for my outside sunset to sunrise has not worked the last couple of days. Anyone else having an issue with this? I tried re-setting the hub and toggling it off then on but still no luck. I may just delete it and re-do the automation but figured I would ask here first!


I have seen a couple of users report that smart lighting has not been working. Report the issue to ST support. Also consider or start planning a move to Routines as Smart Lighting will be phased out when ST drops support for groovy on the platform.


I’ve seen a few reports of automations not working this week, all seeming to start around the time the hub firmware update was pushed out, and all being such long standing automations that Smart Lighting seems likely to be a factor.

It is probably worth flagging it with support regardless, but otherwise it is certainly worth tweaking the automations enough for them to be rewritten e.g. adding and removing an extra restriction with saves in between (changing their names might do the same job, but equally it might not).


Yes… I’ve had this automation for years through smart lighting. I went ahead and changed the automation (set to dim 40% instead of 30%) but I also reported the issue. We’ll see if it works at sunset this evening. Thanks for the advice.


For the last three days, none of my Smart Lighting apps have turned on. I have five of them (basically a mixture of inddor and outdoor lighting) that are all supposed to come on around sunset. I’ve had to manually turn them all on for the last three days. But they all still turn off automatically as set after midnight. I’m not sure how to fix this.

Same issue for me. Started Monday 1/31. Never had issues before. Opened a support case earlier today

Same here, I just upgraded my wifi router so I thought it was the problem. I only have 3 automations. 2 for the front lights and 1 kitchen island light. I have tried everything that I can think of. reset hub removed the light and reinstalled ect. here is the one thing that I do know if create an automation to turn on my island light at 6pm. when 6 rolls around the light will not come on but if I turn on any other light it will trigger the island light to come on. same thing when it is supposed to turn off. it does the same thing with google assistant. if I ask google to turn on a different light after the set time to turn on the island light. it will trigger the light on. I even unlinked my google account thinking that might be the problem. everything else seems to be working fine I have around 22 lights and a few TVs linked.

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The same thing happened to me on the first day. I went into the app to manually turn on one of my lights and at the same moment, all of them turned on. Somehow turning one on triggered them all. Weird.

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Do those with problems see any correlation with the local/cloud status of the Smart Lighting automations?

I have several lighting automations set up and the same thing is happening to me. Started (2) days ago. I deleted and re-entered all my automations several times and did not help. I can turn the lights on or off manually. The device health is good on all devices and they all show as connected in the Smartthings app. I also reset Hub no avail. I use Leviton Z-Wave switches and plug in dimmer and on/off modules and never had a problem for the last 4-5 years. What’s up Samsung??

Update 2/4: I have contacted Samsung and they confirmed it is an issue on their end & they are working to resolve. You can subscribe to receives statusupdates for this incident at Hope this helps!


What the heck, Samsung? 2 days? Should we not be using Smart Lighting anymore or something?

Smart Lighting will eventually be phased out when ST stops support for groovy on the platform.


Good to know, thanks.

First they obsoleted my hub then they break my automations.

Sometimes I wonder if they really want my business :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Same thing is happening to me too (for the past 3 days) and from the looks of it, I am not alone. If Smart Lighting is being phased out, what is the alternative to have my outdoor lights to turn on at Sunset?

Routines, Rules API or Samsung Automation Studio

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In the near future ST will push an app ‘Notice’ informing users of there intentions for smart lighting

Not sure where in the below list ST actually is but it feels like getting to the end of Phase 1 maybe

No doubt the Pandemic has impacted the ST schedules so for users like us we continue to guess when and where things are at

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Hopefully Smart Lighting will transition automatically to the new API.

This is taken from a reply I had from Blake Arnold last year when I questioned the transition… “It will eventually (like everything else) be backed by Rules API but users won’t have to actively do anything”

I guess it must have to work like that because the majority of ST users won’t follow this forum and won’t be in a position to convert to Routines in advance.


I’d have said nearer the end than the beginning of stage 2.

Would be good to think so Graham :+1:

I’m so glad it’s not just me! My smart lighting automations have stopped working too, all controlled by sunset/sunrise and resetting the hub etc had no effect.
I can turn them on manually and when I turn any one on, they are all triggered to come on.
Let’s hope they fix it soon.

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