After Migration: Smart Lighting app or Automations

After migrating to the new app I have about a dozen automations in the Smart Lighting SmartApp. Is there any reason (performance, local operation, etc.) to recreate these automations under “Automations” and remove them from the Smart Lighting app?

Only the Smart Lighting ones can run locally at this time, so most people prefer to leave them there.

Also there are a few features (I believe “power allowance” is one, although I’m not 100% sure) which are only available in Smart Lighting.

So if they’re working in Smart Lighting, personally I would leave them there. :sunglasses:


Thanks JD.

Interesting that the new app’s Automations take a back seat to the old Smart Lighting app with respect to local operation. I would have never assumed that.

Just remember that ST is still working on everything so the way things are today may not be what they will be in the future. They have already stated they want to move more features to run locally. :slight_smile:

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At present, it’s the same as it’s been since 2015 when they first introduced local processing. Smart Lighting and some bits of STHM.

2. Automations must be able to run locally
Smart Home Monitor and Smart Lights are Automations that allow you to configure “child Automations” with the ability to run locally. The SmartThings Home Monitor “child Automations” that can run locally include Alert with Lights, Alert with Sirens, Close Valves (for Leaks), and Unlock doors (for Smoke). SmartThings Home Monitor and Smart Lights are the only Automations with local processing capabilities at this time. We are working on additional local Automation options.

They’ve been promising more local processing Is coming for at least 4 years.


Yeah… they’ve been promising a lot since day one with a lot of it not actually being delivered. One reason I have not been around here all that much once things were working the way I like, along with the fact that I have been limiting as many of my “things” as possible to those with local API’s (which I control thru HAM Bridge).

I do like the new app though, mainly for its customizability. It did break my Venstar deviceType (not sure why at this point), and I found STHM to be annoyingly slow (and not being able to arm/disarm it via a SmartApp without a lot of silly workarounds). Luckily, since my home monitor needs are simple, I deleted it (thankful they made that possible) and replaced its functionality with a few simple automations.

My only other gripe is not seeing the temps on sensor device tiles. Not sure why that changed, or what it will take to get those back, but it is inconvenient at best.

So for something I have been dreading for quite some time, it turned out to be a minor inconvenience, and provides a much nicer interface IMHO.

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In my case, the Smart lighting automation crashes the new app when trying to open it. The old app is the only way for me to use it. Does it happen to you guys as well?

Works fine here in Android 9.

Mine works fine in iOS 13, Including adding a new smart lighting automation.

Thanks guys for your feedback, it was helpful for me to search more for the cause :slight_smile:
At the end it was Adguard blocking it,
Now it works, thank you all!

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In the new SmartThing app , Smart Lightning is missing.
Is there a way to re-add it ? Much more convenient to create automations.

What country are you in? It is now region locked, so people in some countries can’t get it, which I find very surprising, but it’s been reported by multiple forum members.

I’m in Israel. I have since I had it in classic app. But Other users here which did not had it in classic app don’t have it in the official app.
Just a thought , can it installed from IDE ?

I am in the same situation in my country. Have you found a way to add it in the IDE?

Not yet… I wish someone will release Smart Lightning Smartapp so we can add it manually. Personally I still have it from classic app. But some friends need it as well…
@JDRoberts please advise…

Sorry, I haven’t heard anything.


So if Smart Lighting is region locked, how does the Weather Station app get run when Hello Home is deleted?

I manage to bring back the Smart app Lightning App !!
I’ve re-install the Classic Smartthings Android app but from an old version (from 2018). I was able to use this app and also create automation with Smart Lightning. Smart Lightning app also re-appear in Official Smartthings app
To anyone that interested this is the link…


Many thanks, your advice helped me a lot! :slight_smile: I confirm it works:)

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