Why are my lights turning on?

I’ve had SmartThings for a long time and I had the Smart Lighting SmartApp for probably as long. I had a couple of programs set one to turn lights on at sunset and another to turn them off at specified time. Recently I wanted to move to the native “Automations” functionality so I deactivated the programs I add in Smart Lighting, removed the Smart app and created the new routines in Automations. I also deactivated those automations because… I guess I’m a geek. Surprisingly my lights still turn on at sunset and off at the specified time.

How can I confirm if it’s a leftover from Smart Lighting and remove it?

Thank you in advance

Check the logs of the device in the IDE

You might not want to do that. For local devices, SmartLighting rules run local (on the hub). None of the rules created Automations do at this point - they all run in the cloud.

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Thanks for the tip. I logged on the Web interface of the IDE and I don’t see anything for now. I’ll try later today close to sunset

Thanks for the reminder @jlv I knew this, but had forgotten.

I reinstalled Smart Lighting and it doesn’t show me any existing routines. Is there a way to fetch/recover anything that might still be living on the local hub?

I don’t know… if they are not showing the IDE, then I don’t see how they can still be around.

I’d suggest looking at the device history (“Recently”) in the Classic app. If the light was turned on or off by some SmartApp, it will show up there.

(This very important feature does not exist in the ‘new’ app; with that you have no idea what turned on or off, only that it was turned on or off.)

Also, if the Classic app history doesn’t show what SmartApp turned it on or off, then that’s an indication that it was turned on or off by a new app Automation (or something else using the new API).

(in that case, welcome to the “can’t debug it” future).

Installing the classic app did the trick. I found the smart app that (still) turns the lights on and off.

It looks like I got myself in a weird corner. I now have both new and classic app and the Smart Lights app on both. When I open it it doesn’t show any automations, but if I go in the classic app and open one of my lights I can click on the SmartApps tab and I see the automations configured.

Is the common wisdom that despite all the recommendations from Samsung I keep using the classic app and smart lights then? Should I remove the Smart Lights automations from each light (only 3) and create a new one with the Smart Lights app that installed fresh?