Smart Home MOnitor Doesn't Work

I have submitted multiple tickets complaining that the smart home monitor doesn’t work. I even tried SmartAlarm and that did not work either. Basically the system knows we are home and turns off the alarm, than sets it off again. I have no control or ability to disarm it and it keeps going off. They have said I need to reboot the system and have tried that multiple times, and they have said they have fixed the software on their end but it still doesn’t work. It seems that the security functions of this system are useless and now I need a way to get my money back for the dozen door/window sensors I have invested into this system! So frustrating for a promising platform with horrible support!

What do you mean by “the system knows we are home”?

If you are relying on Presence keyfobs or mobile phone SmartThings App presence, then that’s a particular area of the system having persistent problems.

If you eliminate presence sensors and manually use the Arm / Disarm functions, you might get some value in the meantime. Maybe.

Does the history for your presence device show it quickly cycling between present and away?

No…It just shows the alarm turning off because someone has come home. Than a minute later the alarm goes off because a door was opened. Than alarm going off again because of motion sensor. I was not able to manually disarm the system from home screen. It just kept spinning every time I hit disarm

I experienced the same thing today. See discussion here Unable to Disarm Smart Home Monitor