Smart home monitor is sending intrusion alerts even when disabled

What in the world is going on with smart home monitor???
It is driving me nuts.

I disarm it and it is still sending warnings about intrusions and it arms again by itself. There is no rule affecting it to go back on.

Yeah happened two time to me this morning. One time the alarm was disabled for over an hour

I had to disarm and refresh the app a few times yesterday for it to actually disarm. Until then after a refresh it went back to arm.

There has been tons of issues with SHM lately. A lot of people have disabled it completely and went with a smart alarm app. I believe the app is called Smart Alarm. You can find more people compaining about SHM here:

Happened to me this morning. I guess the problem is still around.

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yes me too

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Yeah, so i was having this problem and read that it should be fixed. I read that it is reccomended to remove smart home monitor profiles and re-add them. i removed mine, and re-added it. I then left, came back, and yeah, THIS happend within the first 20 min… how does this even happen. (This door opens a lot because my wife lets dogs in and out 30x/day)

My is simple, alarm turned off at 1:42pm, walked in the house 2 minutes later at 1:44pm, the alarm was triggered. :angry:
Worst part, wife and kid were with me.

Yeah, see, if mine had been like yours, i might have thought it just said it was disabled, but wasnt, yet, or whatever. Its crazy. This is what i had assumed was going on all this time.

But instead my experience (and log) shows that after it said it was disabled, multiple uses of the door DIDNT trigger an intrusion, but one use DID. Thats completely unexplainable by any logic. I hope they have some idea of how to fix this.