HELP! Smart Alarm/Home Monitor will not disarm


(Chris) #1

It started when the Smart Home Monitor wasn’t working and it would recognize we were home but not disarm the alarm. It would just keep going off and we would try and manually disarm but nothing would work. It would just keep spinning and setting off the alarm. I have been doing a lot of reading on here about situations and decided to un-install smart home monitor and tried Smart Alarm. Again same problem. Works fine for night command and Good Morning, but when we get home, it always seems to trigger even with the delay. I don’t know what is going on and am frustrated that one of the main reasons we purchased this system is not working.

On a separate note, SmartThings help has been useless! They’re chat has been down for a week and I don’t understand why there is no one you can actually talk to. I send ticket after ticket with little response, and the responses I do get aren’t helpful!

(Heath Reed) #2

I have the same issue. Chat is down and email is slow. When I got a response, it was “we had an issue that’s not probably fixed. Let us know if you still have issues”

(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #3

Try changing the mode to something other than what the mode of the home is. Wait for few seconds and then change it back to the mode that is supposed to disarm the Smart Home Monitor. There seems to be an issue on the platform where mode changes are not being registered by smart apps and this causes the app to stay in previous mode.

(Geoff) #4

I had the same exact issue and followed the same steps, though Smart Alarm worked well for a few months before it started this. I removed and reinstalled the smart alarm app when it first acted up. That seemed to help for a few weeks, but it’s acting up again. I was told Smart Home Monitor should be fixed, so I set that up with only a phone alert to evaluate. It appears to be working, but without the delay feature that is so handy in Smart Alarm, we get false alarms every time the system is slow to detect our cell phone presence. I love the home automation, but I’m considering adding an actual alarm system for the safety side of things.

(js69uk) #5

Same issue here.

Alarm triggers, check my phone and I show as in the house but cannot disarm the alarm. It happens with both the ST presence sensor and the phone being used as a presence sensor.

The only way I’ve found of disarming the Smart Alarm app has been to repeatedly hit the “I’m Back” routine which then disarms the alarm.


Same guys. I deal with this constantly.

(Barton.) #7

This started yesterday for me, where someone would arrive home, but the I’m Back wouldn’t fire. The door alert went off even though SmartThings shows we’re home. No response from support.

(Blackgold9) #8

I’m having similar issues. Yesterday and today my SHM system triggered when my wife was home. I checked this morning while it was happening and it said she had left the house the day before. For some reason the presence detection from her iPhone isn’t working.