Smart Home Monitor disappeared from Classic App? (Using ST/ADT hub)

Last night I had 3 panels on my dashboard. The Home Security, Favorites, and Smart Home Monitor.

This morning when I woke up, I no longer have Smart Home Monitor panel on my dashboard.

Any idea what happened and how I can get it back? The Home Security panel only shows my ADT branded sensors nothing else, and is missing the sensors that came in the ADT Smartthings Home Monitoring Starter kit.

Sign out of the app and log back in. See if that resolves it.

Nope. Wish it were that simple…

Wow, telephone support for Smartthings, noon to 9 PM Eastern time. So much for getting an early start and being a global company… And the online chat that the Smartthings troubleshooting page links to gets me to Samsung TV and Laptop support, they know nothing of Smartthings…


I believe that Customers using the ADT Security Hub were never “supposed” to use SHM and it wasn’t offered by default in the App.

There was a trick to enable it… Check the ADT Topics?

There’s no good reason it shouldn’t be made available, but if it wasn’t “supposed to be there”, then that could be the reason it is gone.

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I posted about this to a different thread. But I finally got through to ST support. For starters, they have multiple support agents, the first one I got through to was abysmal, truly disconcerned with my satisfaction as a customer, and really seems like they were trained by Comcast or AT&T for customer service. This clod had me mere moments from ripping the entire shebang out and shipping it back to Amazon.

I let myself cool down a bit, and called back, the second agent I got was an actual pro who knew what she was doing. They need more folks like her. Anyway I digress…

So no shock, Smart Home Monitor is a function that the ADT panel is not supposed to have. It’s not just the ADT Security alerts that are incompatible with Iris sensors, the panel itself by software lock down, won’t allow any direct alarm function using non ADT sensors. Probably why they are jerking with SHM, but I digress. I have enough, or at least will as soon as my package arrives, sensors to cover all access points. No worries. The Iris sensors were a temporary standby anyway…

The issue with the sensors not being seen I was able to get a workaround to that I need to test tonight.

So we are set back to where I thought I would be prior to purchase.

#1. For alerting / alarms, ADT branded devices only.
#2. I am not sure how to enable ADT / Home Security alarms to trigger teh Utilitech sirens. Need to test that. Something is funny looking here…

You are absolutely correct though, aside from a cooperative agreement between Samsung and ADT, there is no good, valid reason to leave or pulls SHM from availability for users of the ADT Security panel. Honestly, if it weren’t for the hardware / software restrictiosn enforced on this, I bet they would sell more systems / panels, especially to us Iris orphans…

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I just checked and no SHM with the old app. New app has both ADT and SHM pannels - go figure.

@TRS SHM in the Classic and the STSC apps are two completely separate programs. Therefore you would need to install it in both apps - two separate installs. Also, they operate completely separate from each other. Meaning if you change the state in one will not be reflected in the other.

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Don’t know if this is going to help anyone or not but one of the sensor’s that would not report in Was defective I got an RMA from Samsung and they are sending me a new unit the other one was a simple factory reset and re-pair.

Considering the sheer volume of products That I have installed more or less all at 1 time the failure rate isn’t fantastic but it isn’t terrible either. Certainly a lot better than Hewlett packard servers.

I am concerned about my ability to use the utilitate sirens and the ring camera lights in sirens from within the ADT Panel. With any luck we will be getting that sorted soon.

Any luck on getting SHM to show up? I’m a former Iris user, and just got my ADT hub set up and don’t see the SHM anywhere in either app, and can’t find a way to trigger lights, and a utilitech siren without having SHM.

Nope. Support from Samsung / Smartthings are basically telling me it isn’t supposed to work at all.

Look at the ADT Tools 2 thread. I need to figure out how to use custom code, but ADT Tools 2 is supposed to give the functions that ADT users lose with the loss of SHM.

I will post up with my progress on it, but I have a bigger issue right now with my security hub…

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Okay, so I got the ADT Tools 2 installed and configured I think how I want them… I still need to verify I am not having an issue with my hub, but here is what i have…

#1. Read the article about using custom code / smartapps…
#2. Read the article about installing and using ADT Tools 2…

Logged into my account at (using your samsung account credentials).

Clicked on my locations, and then my location name…
Clicked My Smartapps

In a separate window I browsed to find the ADT Tools 2 code, and copied the files to my computer.

Clicked new smartapp, from code, pasted and saved, then published to myself. Repeated for each of the 3 files.

Restarted my Classic app, and voila, ADT Tools 2 was available!

Now I have control over those Utilitech sirens from within my alerts…


Use and not the link you posted

I have to ask what’s the difference? I posted the link that Samsung gave me when I talked to support will redirect you to the appropriate shard (server) where your devices and smartapps/device handlers are installed. the URL you posted doesn’t or at least it didn’t use to. So if you happen to login to that URL and are not redirected and you attempt to install any device handlers or smartapps there - they will not work in the ST app. more on shards in the following link…

in your situation, you were directed to:
Clicked on my locations, and then my location name…
which redirects you to the appropriate shard. but logging into the link I posted will do it automatically.

I am just trying to avoid confusion for some users who might get lost when they try to use the URL you posted. :slight_smile:

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No problem and please don’t misunderstand my asking questions I’m not doubting anyone here or anything like that I am asking questions because I honestly don’t know and I’m trying to learn. Coming from Iris there is a lot to learn about smart things and in particular ADT smart things. Sits and of a steep learning curve and I need to be up to speed

questions are welcomed here.:slight_smile:

I just worry I’m being a pain in the tail. I’m trying to get a lot done in a very short period of time on a system that is similar enough to Iris but very much different that I’m getting tripped up more than I would honestly like. And honestly it would be a lot more comfortable if I had had more lead time period.

I have the ADT tools 2 installed and configured and all of the function that I wanted from smart home monitor has been restored. Plus I have functions that I couldn’t even find there so I am very happy.


Keep in mind that you’re miles ahead of 90% of SmartThings customers.

While it is impossible to know the exact number, it is a certainty that the overwhelming majority of SmartThings users never login to the “IDE”.

I believe that the address “” (and all the “graph.api” variations) are not published in any of the official consumer facing SmartThings documentation.