Dashboard question

My Dashboard is empty. It says that you don’t have any solutions yet. Am I missing something?

Is this a new installation? You should have Smart Home Monitor.

yes it is a new installation but i have nothing

Shoot an email to Support.

Thanks for the help.

They try their best to accomadate. Believe me. All the best!! Tagging our best friend @slagle!

I haven’t heard from anyone yet

I guess they’ve run out of Smart Home Monitors due to high demand. :smile:

Seriously trust @geko to pop up at the right moment to spread salt on your wound! :wink: @geko, go back to sleep mode! We will send you a wake up notification, my friend! :slight_smile: why don’t you hack SHM and add some delay!


Why ask me? Ask your “best friend”. :wink:

I seriously suspect there’s some backroom dealing going on. Someone just reported that his SHM mysteriously “disappeared” form the Dashboard. Were is @tgauchat with his conspiracy theories when we need him? :smile:

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You can try their live chat from their webpage.


@geko people can get them back by writing a sweet little note rather than the WT- is going with it. Love and be loved. Think John Lennon! It looks like that the rhis thread is transforming into a medical something spot! Yo! Back to business! As such @geko on brother where are thou? ST should have been built in late 60’s. No complaints, peace, serenity and ambience! Life was good but then I was a stupid baby. So let’s all get back to do what we are supposed to do and what’s that @geko?

I too wish it were. Maybe then they’d actually got it working by now. Just kidding. :wink:

They are all gone!!! All the things that where confusing that made sense if you took a lot of time to understand them are gone!!! Why did I scorn thee thine solution modules!!!

Why is my request being spammed and not resolved by tech support???

Have you reported your issue to support@smartthings.com? That’s the official way.

As @smart said this community is not an official support method. Emailing support@smarththings.com is the official support method. Although right now they have extended delays in providing help.

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Support Spam? I don’t particularly like the stuff but if it’s free you might as well store it in your doomsday kit…

Are you referring to the intial, we got your mail, we’ll get back to you as we can email? At least you know it was received.

I have heard nothing back from support

You didn’t send it to wink support did you? ? ? I’m pretty sure they all got fired.