How to add back Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app?

I had problems with SHM so uninstalled it. Now I go to add it back and cant find it anywhere in the Smartapps. Anyone got any ideas?

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Which version of the app are you using, smartthings classic or “smart things ( Samsung connect)“?

Also are you running a ADT Smartthings Panel hub?

The classic version.

Have you looked in marketplace > smart apps > safety & security?


If you have the ADT Smartthings panel, the ability to install SHM is removed. You could have it installed on your location before the panel and then at some point installed the ADT Smartthings panel. That would of allowed you to have it running until recently when you removed it. Now it will not be in the list to install.

If you don’t have a ADT Panel it should be there, but knowing what you have will make a big difference in the advice we can give you.

It does NOT exist in there any more.

I’m in the UK, ADT did I trial, I some time ago. I may have opted in. I certainly don’t recall installing anything at that point and am pretty sure my I am using the basic classic app SHM.

I have just installed the Classic app and Smart Home Monitor is not on the dashboard or in the marketplace. I need to continue using the Classic version so I can utilize ActionTiles. ActionTiles will not work with Smart Home Monitoring through New App. Any help would be appreicated.

I never got mine back. Had to move to the new app.

I’ve read that if, on Android, you can install version 2.17 from apk mirror and you will get routines back. Maybe this would work for SHM too? I still have SHM so I can’t test the theory.

I am having the same issue. US Version, No ADT, deleted mine by accident from IDE and cannot find it anymore in the classic app doesn’t exist.

You may want to contact ST support and let them assist you :slight_smile: