Missing ADT Panel

@Mavrrick58 Negative it is not showing any form of panel. I do however see all of the individual motion sensors and door sensors. This has been vexing me for days! Sorry for creating a new thread. Smartthings is only allowing me to reply 3 times due to me being a new member. Also, thank you for your help! I feel like I have wasted days of my life trying to figure this out.

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Well if the panel is not showing up under devices that is why you cant select it. You could try reseting the panel and reconfiguring eveything. You may want to reach out to smartthings support. It is the ADT Smartthings Panel you have right and not aome other ADT Alarm System right?

@Mavrrick58. It is an ADT Smartthings panel. I think doing a hard reset might be the best option. Thank you for your help. It is very gracious of you to carve out time to help me with this. @GSzabados I will delete this thread in the next 15 minutes. One question though, why would I go back and edit a response. I am not a website or IT guy, but this seems like a major impedance to effective communication for people answering questions. Either way this is your ship to captain, I will fall in and make the changes your requested.


In the IDE click on location across the top. Click on your current location. Once in the location scroll down until you find the section for hub. Click on that. Scroll down and tell me what your hardware version says.

@Mavrrick58 I have a hardware version attached in the photo.

Ok well it knows the hub is an ADT Alarm panel. I am not sure what to tell you at this point. You may want to reach out to Smartthings for support.

Do you have the ADT notification Smartapp loaded?

Yes Sir. I have it in my apps but have not put my phone number into this program yet.

If you’re missing the ADT Panel Device, that is concerning. I wouldn’t build things out any further until you resolve that. Resetting the panel would likely fix it or support might have a less painful way to fix it.

Thank you Brad. Prehaps a call to them is in order.

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Hello @Brad_ST ,
Thank you for your response. I have submitted a ticket to smartthings. They are saying they can see the hub and it is not supposed to be listed under the device tab. Any ideas?

Hm, sounds as if they are confused about the hub versus the panel device. Are you able to clarify that you are able to see the Hub under the Hubs tab but that you are referring to the “Nortek Panel Device” from the Device tab?

Hey Brad,
Thank you for your response. I can confirm that my screen does not look like yours. After reaching out to smartthings support. This is the response I recieved.