Latest Smartthing app - And ADT Smartthings panel

Currently a long term user of the “Classic” app . Keep being told to migrate to the new one … But My ADT alarm system does not show up on the NEW app.

Does any one else with the ADT panel actually show up ?

i can see the ADT smartthings Notification smartapp.

Classic app still showing the alarm system.

I have the ADT dashboard and can set alarm states but my devices all look like normal ST devices. None of my automatons trigger off alarm state and I can’t edit them without getting Network Error when saving.

Dont suppose you can attached a screenshot of the New ADT dashboard so i can see what it is meant to look like.

Thank you

Something on the backend is broken.The alarm works but none of the ST automations run or can be edited. I’ve tried to recreate them but the alarm system options are missing from automations. I also can’t add any ADT devices. I worked with support for a bit but they ended up saying that alarm based automation should have never worked so it must have been a technical oversight. I had them running on classic and the new app until the migration. Not sure what’s going on.

Here is what i can see… :frowning:

I don’t have the ADT system, but you may be running into the same gap as others that were using regular SmartThings Home Monitor. In the Classic app SHM and ADT Security use Groovy smartapps and the state of them can be read and modified using unofficial methods people found. In the new app, STHM, and maybe ADT, use endpoint apps, so they are totally different smartapps from each other. No third party apps work with STHM and I’d now guess ADT. So your previous smartapps won’t work after you migrate.

I don’t understand how ST thinks its OK to take away functions from a product people buy into. $500 for the kit, several hundred for for windows/door, lights and motion sensors. I bought into all this, pay a monthly fee and nothing works anymore. Support has been hopeless. I don’t have much faith that the system would even respond during an emergency.

I would be happy just having the arm and disarm work.

Because of the migration i can no longer see history or activities in the old app

Ok new problem now .

I was asked to create a new account and factory reset the hub and rejoin.

Now not getting a hub joining code :frowning: ( Claim Code unavailable) , unsure if its now bricked… or what. I did remove the locations from the old account but still does not work.

Our of interest are the sensors still able to join another adt hub if the screen is bricked. As i may just sell all the door sensors etc.

We installed the ADT smart hub after a home invasion in which we were nearly executed as a family, the old app and sensors and panel functioned flawlessly for two years until they forced migration to the new app, now, round and round with support over 3 months, can’t get the ADT monitor back on the phone (had to use a new phone because my old phone, a Samsung N4 wasn’t compatible with the new app, so a new phone was the only way to control the system, more money for S), nothing works, at all, and the Smart Things Home monitor is a joke, shows wrong alarm status all the time. Class action anyone? Going to sue them myself if they don’t fix what I spent nearly $750 on to install. Listening Sam?