Smart home monitor acting up?

Anyone getting this message on their smart home monitor? Is there any mainteneve currently being done? If so is there any way to be notified when there is mainteneve being done on the app?

I had that too, but now it has cleared up. Be sure to put in a ticket to support

Hey Eric, yes it has cleared up for me too. I’m assuming it was some maintenance being done since I’m not the only one. As for the ticket, I feel like I have too many tickets opened with support :joy:. This was a rather minor issue.

It was a glitch. Best description is cloud flatulence.

Should be all good now

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Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and tuck this one away for future use. :wink:

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Is that the only issue associated with the error? My SHM keeps changing states on its own and the alarms keep going off despite being in a disarmed state.

I have gotten several alerts from SHM even though the mode had just changed to home. It’s one reason why I haven’t used the siren that I have connected to ST; I don’t think it would be reliable.

It isn’t. I have had no luck getting it fixed.

You can subscribe to status events @

They don’t always tell us when there is a problem though.

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Thanks Matt! Just what I was looking for.