Smart Home Monitor Issues 1-11-16

I’ve been unable to disarm smart home monitor for the past hour. I’ve attempted various times from the mobile app and it always looks as if its processing the command and ultimately the screen then refreshed and went back to armed (away). It failed to disarm via a routine as well when I came home so i subsequently had to set the alarm off 4 different times. I opened live logging and attempted to disable 3 more times - nothing ever actually pops up. Rebooted the hub (took 15 minutes to reconnect but no other noticeable internet issues) attempted to disarm again while watching live logging and still no activity. Smartthings status shows everything is “up”. Tried from 2 other devices - an android tablet and an ipad - no luck there either. Any other ideas/suggestions/assistance?

It’s a known issue with SHM. No known fix at this point. Smart Alarm is a better option for security

I quit using it. It would constantly alert me because it wouldn’t disarm with mode changes like it was supposed to.

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yeah, known issue that happens randomly. submit a ticket to support so they have a record of it.

i had an alert i couldnt dismiss. the fix is to remove shm security and re-add it