Solid blue light on my Hub

Hi All , I recently purchased ST home monitoring kit which was working fine until today. But today the hub displays a solid blue light and am not able to control anything from my phone app.
Can you please suggest me what has gone wrong with it ?

I sent an email to customer care and the response i got from them is they will reach out to me but dint tell me when. they however told me that they have sizable backlog so i should have patience.

@mayankyadav, there’s some of outage again. I recommend you subscribe to alerts from here:


thank you very much! I was worried that it has died on me. I can wait.

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SmartThings cloud just farted again. :bomb:

It still shows blue led. I have subscribed to their alerts and am waiting to get an alert informing its back operational.

Mine just returned to active status. About 20 mins of downtime.

Is there anything that I can do apart from waiting ? Like reset or something ?

I’m on the couch watching Jeopardy… not much you can do yet, unless it’s like last time where you needed to reboot the hub.

Can the V2 hub with backup batteries even be re-booted without battery removal?

Hi Dan, supposedly yes by pressing the recessed button on the back.

@mayankyadav @danfelix Rebooting the hub just now brought my hub back. This time I pressed the recessed button on the back.

I shut my hub off for 5 mins and powered it back in and all is working now. As someone only a couple weeks into using ST I can say this is very frustrating. I really hope thy get this type of problem under control.

I rebooted but it still dint work. I pressed the button at the back and released when the LED turned orange - Did I do it right ?
After few seconds its still back to solid blue.

Oh cool ! its back online !:grinning:
have never been happier after seeing a tiny green LED before …
You guys are all so helpful taking time here and replying. Thanks to all of you.


I have solid blue light on my V1 hub (work) right now. V2 hub a home is fine. says all systems operations (I don’t believe them of course but that’s what it says).

Anyone else having bluelight issue?
This was after a router restart but nothing I do solves the issue. So not sure what else to look at.
Reboot, check network cable, replace cable, reboot router and then hub again…nothing is bringing it back online.

I have solid blue light, it changes to red every once in a while then back to solid blue.

Could be coincidence, but you aren’t the only one:

Glad I started building my HASS hub. Thanks.

UPDATE: Back online on it’s own about 5 hrs after issues started. Must have been cloud issues.