Something new: Random mode changes. :(

(Stuart Buchanan) #1

so i have had issues of varying degrees over the last week or so, mainly due to delayed actions. but last night some new issue has cropped up. the mode changed from Night mode to Home mode spontaneously without any input the result of which was we all got woken up by the lights turning on.

I have found the event but can not see why this was triggered. my experience the last week or so has been abysmal and it has coincided with a duration where i have very little time to spend troubleshooting or diagnosing. what i do know is that there has been 0 changes to the network of smartapps etc in this timeframe.

i have moved to total indifference about this product finally and am not investing further effort at all until something improves. which i am doubting as i was expecting to see improvements not a sharp decline in functionality.

i have got the event for the Mode change but have no indication on why this was triggered. i do so hope this isn’t the start of a new fault…i don’t need another.

I have also removed the ability for my siren to sound from SHM, had i not then i would have been woken up every night this last week as the actions to disable SHM based on the upstairs hallway motion have been delayed or not happening.

there are other alternatives to ST hitting the market soon. i am waiting for them or improvements to ST.

Modes screwed up?
(Wayne) #2

I too have experienced some random changes between modes. Also, I normally have the system partially arm the SHM as part of the goodnight routine. This has never failed to happen until this week also. So not only did it randomly change from home to night mode it also didn’t arm the SHM. So only did half the job albeit an unrequested one.

(John Crighton) #3

I’ll chip in here and say I’ve had exactly the same over the past week or so. Back to the bad old days of resetting and yanking out batteries of ST motion sensors, which had been so good for a while now.

(Aaron S) #4

If you email with the email associated with your SmartThings account, they can go through the event history and see if they can figure out what is going on.


As you probably know, there have been multiple issues with modes before. Most of them seemed to be due to a synch problem between the hub and the cloud. Nothing that an individual customer could correct. All very frustrating.

I would encourage anyone who has a random mode change to report it to support. There are things they can see from their side that we can’t, and it also allows them to assign more resources to the issue when they are getting multiple trouble reports.

In the UK, you can email

In your first email, tell them specifically which email address is associated with your smartthings account and say “I give you permission to view my account in order to research this issue.”

If you don’t say that in your first email, they have to write you back and actually get your permission to look at your account which delays everything.

Again, I absolutely understand your frustration. I wish I had an easy answer for you.

(Aaron S) #6

@JDRoberts - thanks for the clarification

@Fuzzyligic -

  1. we have received isolated reports and are trying to figure out if there is a connection
  2. some customers reported that performing a hard reboot (unplug and remove batteries for a couple minutes has helped)
  3. With permission, support can check out the account and a) isolate the trigger for you or b) get it escalated and ticketed


We have seen over the last few months that taking the hub off of power (including removing batteries if it has them) for about 15 minutes and then putting it back on power will cause it to re-sync with the cloud account. This can fix some weird problems. It’s one of those can’t hurt, might help things.

On the other hand, if the problem is database corruption in the cloud, then power cycling won’t have any effect. Really in that case nothing the individual customer can do will have any effect. That’s why it’s best to contact support as well.