My Smart Home Monitor Is Going Nuts and I need HELP

I hope somebody can help me as my Smart Home Monitor has been driving me crazy for the past hour w/ the Siren going off loudly :frowning:

I decided to test my SHM today as i have done a couple of times last week, and it was working just fine then, but today not so much. So here’s the scenario:
I have my SHM set to to alert me with (both Away and Stay)

  • notifications (push and txt)
  • alert w/ Sirens
  • aler w/ Lights
    I set it to Away, and triggered it w/ one my motion detectors.
    The results:
  • i get the notifcation
  • Siren does NOT sound off
  • Lights does NOT turn on
  • the SHM reports the intrusion base on the right motion detector, it says it triggered the Siren and it triggered the light, but none of those two triggering actually happens. If i go to my ‘Things’ I see both the lights and the Siren as OFF.
    If I manually trigger them (by pressing the button), both lights and Siren work just fine.

The next crazy thing that the SMH is doing is this: I dismiss the incident, i put SMH to Disarm state, but it keeps triggering the intrusions based on the motion detection - EVENTHO IT IS IN A DIS-ARM STATE.

I have power-cycled my hub a couple of times, but it doesn’t fix the issue.
I have also removed the Light and Siren notification and put them back in, but that didn’t fix the issue either.
One time (after the first power cycle)it did trigger the Siren, but not the lights. The same two scenario i describe above keeps happening.
With the Siren going off each time, it has driven me and the wife crazy that I have to turn the hub off completely (powered down, removed the batteries, removed from the router).

Sorry if this post is long, but I want to describe my situation as best I could in the hopes that somebody can help me out. (I’m new to SmartThings and everything HA, but I know what I was doing when I initially setup my hub and devices, and everything was working just fine til today). Please help.


Searched to see if anyone else is having the same issue as me and this sounds very close to mine. Only receiving push notifications but no Siren or Lighting alert…Even though SMH claims to have triggered those alerts!

Did something change recently? Just added a siren but the lighting alerts were working fine last week…

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Having the same issue, have 2 tickets opened still no word. New to Smartthings thought I configured something incorrectly, reset my hub to start from scratch same thing. I use Security and Leak alerts to turn on a few lights. It says it triggered the lights but nothing happens, only a push notification. Watching the live logs I did notice this:

7:55:29 AM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘hasComment’ is not supported. Supported commands: [on, off, setLevel, refresh, setHue, setSaturation, setColor, setAdjustedColor, refresh, reset] @ line 154

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Thank you @rag1998 and @gfunk9132 for responding.
Can you tell me how do you oepn a ticket, and is that a ticket that goes to support so they can look at your issue?

Before i shut down my hub last night, i checked and my scheduled SmartLighting SmartApp to trigger the hallway lights to light up when it sees motion works just fine. So what that tells me is my motion sensor(s) triggering my light(s) are talking just fine and they work.
IMHO, the issue at this point is the Smart Home Monitor application itself not trigger my Siren and Lights.

In your ST mobile app, open menu and go to support. From there u can either chat support or send an email to support…

More instructions at this link: Support

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Things are not responding as they should for me either lately. Lights are ‘on’ but not actually on, presence detection fails more often than not, etc.

v2 is really not much better than v1 was at this point.

Why are apps not running locally, as we were promised before v2 came out? AFAIK, only ONE app does: Smart Lights.

Becoming annoyed. I try to stay positive, but I’m becoming annoyed.

Exact same issue here, I get both the push and text notification but no lights or siren even though the activity log shows it triggered them. All lights and sirens respond properly when manually triggered through the app and through other SmartApps. Just switched over to SmartThings this week, this is not very promising…

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Add me to the list of people getting push notifications consistently but the turning on of lights does not work at all from Smart Home Monitor.

However my lights respond well to routines and toggling on and off individually.

Reading more into the forums I’m getting the impression that the ST team is VERY BUSY dealing w/ other issues (multiple user account being one of them), i’ve decided to temporarily abandon SHM.
I have as a temporary (permanent?) solution setup multiple actions that mimics SMH using “Notify Me When” and “Smart Lighting” smartapps to trigger my lights and sirens and send me a notification, and integrating this into my “I’m Away” routine. Working well so far, but kind of a hassle setting them up individually.

Got an email from the support team that they are aware of the issue and are working to get it fixed in a timely manner…

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Does anyone know if this has been fixed? This happened to me yesterday, I accidently triggered the intrusion by opening a door during arm-stay and the siren went off, when I tried to disarm SHM would keep arm-away 'ing and of course intrusion would trigger sue to motion sensors but the siren didn’t go off this time and it hasn’t gone off since during an intrusion event. The test works just fine.

I have totally stopped using SHM and just use SmartLighting and NotifyMe smartapps as substitutes. I keep hearing different other issues of SHM, so until it’s a solid process/system, I’ll still with my smartapps. Goodluck!

I have the exact same issues that you described. I am new to home automation and I dont know what to do.
Reading all the forum about problem with reliability with this products and I regret my purchase I dont know what do with all the sensors I bought on this system.