Smart Home Monitor Alerts Not Clearing

I have an issue with the Smart Home Monitor where I constantly get notifications that say something like: “Reminder: Intrusion in [zone] 60 hours ago”. I tried to clear the notifications by clicking on dismiss (and even trying to select false alarm) but the notifications still persist. Anyone else have this problem or have a solution? Thanks.

By the way I couldn’t find anything on this so I started a new thread.

I have seen numerous unexpected behavior with SHM over the last few days… just another SmartThings glitch.

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Ditto here. Though, in my case, after clearing the alert, even those it still showed an intrusion detected, I could pull down the SHM screen in the iOS app to refresh the screen, and then, it showed that the alerts were cleared. It doesn’t sound like you’re experiencing the same thing, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Like @scottinpollock said, it’s just another glitch.

@scottinpollock @jsulliweb Thanks guys! SmartThings has a ton of glitches… but it’s good when it works! The reason I’m sticking with it is because of SmartApps.

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Mine would never show the right status. always showed in the app that it was armed/away or armed/home even when it was disarmed. and the alerts would never clear even after dismissing them about 1000 times. however, I made it worse by removing the hub. don’t do that, ever.

I’m considering moving to something else because now I can’t lock my doors or operate several lights. can’t take this instability very much longer. hope they fix it soon or else imma gonna leave and take my dollars with me…

I’ve been having a lot of issues with SmartThings lately. I have an extra computer laying around so I’m thinking about switching to HomeSeer. The only problem is that HomeSeer is very expensive to switch to the Pro version, which allows full customization. I’ll probably just stick with SmartThings and wait until they get everything together (hopefully).