Smaartthings home monitor not working in the app

A couple of weeks the setup option in the smartthings home monitor stopped working on my iPhone. when i click on the gear icon the icon in the center of the screen just spins and it never opens.

Is anyone experiencing this same issue?

I have a ticket open with Samsung. However, I need to get this resolved.

Please help.

Question, is it the only device you are unable to open it? If yes, try uninstall the ST app and add it back. Note, you lose your room sorting. If it does not open on all devices, Your best bet will probably be to uninstall STHM and add it back. Go to the Life section and click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it hasn’t helped.

The new water sensor is the only device not listed in STHM. I suspect that may be fixed once the STHM allows access again.

If I uninstall the STHM, I want to make sure other settings outside of this such as scenes, automations and smart apps in the automation section, etc. won’t be deleted.
Is there anything else that will be affected/deleted by removing the STHM?

I assume I will have to set up the actions/responses for the STHM for the security, leaks and smoke sections of the STHM. Please confirm.
Will those three sections come back automatically?

One last question. This condition is happening on two different iphones and my iPad. Does the STHM derive from the cloud and it makes sense that it doesn’t work on any device when signed into this account?


Hey there! @sscoop, Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: Sorry to hear you having trouble with STHM.

Performing a Reset inside ‘STHM’ or Deleting and re-adding the STHM in the ‘Life’ Section will not remove automation, scenes, or smart apps. Elaborating further, already setup automations are affected when a device used in the automation is removed completely from ST.

I always recommend checking the Automations tab on the Device tile. This will list out any automation associated with the current device so in the event the device is removed, the listed automation(s) would be affected.

I assume I will have to set up the actions/responses for the STHM for the security, leaks, and smoke sections of the STHM. Please confirm.
Will those three sections come back automatically?

Yes, you are correct in the assumption of having to reconfigure the action once a reset or Deletion of the STHM has occurred. You will be prompted to re-configure the actions for Security, smoke, leaks,and the notifications associated with each response from confirmed events(Hoping that your new water sensor shows as a leak sensor in the reconfiguration process). These will not return automatically as privacy protection since most utilize responses to specific push notifications to members or mobile numbers.

I hope this message finds you well!


Thanks for the post.
As per advice from Smartthings support. I removed the STHM in the “life” tile with them saying adding it back should fix the issue. Now when I try to add it back, the icon just spins. So I am worse off than before because all the STHM actions/responses are gone, whereas, before removing the monitor at least they were working, however, I wasn’t able to administer them. I use STHM for security, smoke alarm monitoring and water leak monitoring.

To test, I added a new account for Smartthings under a different email address. Adding the STHM immediately goes to the next screen. So it isn’t anything with my iPhone x or version, although it’s completely up to date.

So something is broken at Smartthings for my account or within my account. I am hopeful it’s the former, as I have 50 devices and re associating all of them and having to redo all the set up would be very time consuming if my account has to be deleted. I emailed support back on Friday night and I am hopeful to get a response tomorrow.

Any ideas on how to get adding the STHM to respond?

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that is happening. If the gear icon is in a spinning boot loop. My next suggestion would be to clear the cache of the Smart Things Application as that usually resolves issues for Android devices, not familar with iPhones I believe this setting can be found under the Settings Menu for app storage for the SmartThings Application.

Did check your recent sign-in history on your Samsung Account as you mentioned switching between multiple devices for the one account. You can manage your signed-in devices at Look for the Devices section and recent sign-in tab to locate and manage this information to only be signed into the phone you are attempting to add STHM to the life tab.

I hope this message finds you well!


Thanks for trying to help.

There isn’t any option to clear the cache for the ST app on iPhone. Just to delete it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it many times, but for fun i closed all apps on my phone, deleted the ST app, hard rebooted the phone and reinstalled the ST app with nothing else open. Same condition.

I am definitely properly logged in to the account.

Any other thoughts?

Unless they have tweaked the apps since I deleted STHM while asleep, uninstalling STHM will cause Security Mode conditions and actions to be removed from Automations. If those Automations are no longer viable as a result then they will be deleted. Same sort of idea as deleting devices, except totally unnecessary.

I am having the same issue. STHM was not working when trying to update the response settings so I deleted it, then I tried to re-install it again and nothing happens, just the spinning wheel under the setup screen. Any idea how to get it back.

if you are using Android, try clearing the cache for the ST app. Then try to add STHM

I am using Iphone. Now I can’t even add new devices to automations, the device options is greyed out. Do you need STHM to be able to create any automation?

Trying signing out of the ST app and sign back in to see if it helps. If it doesn’t, try uninstalling/reinstalling the app. I have the feeling the first option might fix the issue.

I did all that including re-installing the app a couple of times. Still greyed out, also scenes I can’t add devices and the and for the scenes and automations that I have, they all show as “unknown devices”. Not sure what to do.

At this point, I would recommend contacting ST support and let them investigate.

If in a region where calling is an option, that is generally a quicker way to get a response. But you can email them or contact them through the phone which will allow you to attach logs. In the app, go to menu > settings > help for all the methods to contact them

No, iPhone X.
Yesterday tech support said they saw an error with my Honeywell thermostat that was causing the issue and to remove that.
I did that however, it did not resolve the issue.

I am still able to add/remove devices from the automations, that doesn’t seem to be affected.
Just the STHM couldn’t be administered and since following tech supports advice to remove that, I can’t add it back, so all my monitoring is gone now.

Been there, done that . . . so many times.

I have had a ticket open with them for about 2 weeks. Tier 3 are the group that said the thermostat was the culprit. However, removing that did not fix the issue.

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That’s exactly what’s happening with me. Interesting that someone else is having the exact same problem. I am sorry you are having difficulty, however, encouraged that this is not isolated to me and is something they can fix on their end.