SmartThings iOS App Update 1.7.12 (March 11, 2024)

Latest app is available for download.

CAUTION: "LIfe" Apps Not Working, Home Monitor in Particular (11 March 2024) - #11 by danny42yu

STHM is not working on Android either and that version hasn’t updated since 12/13/2023.

Understood. But I can confirm STHM disappeared on IOS with this update. For me at least it did. Could be a coincidence I guess

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I am not able to add new devices with the latest app.

I am running on 2 different iPhones. One on iOS 17.4 and one on iOS 17.3.1.

When I click the + to add a device, I get to the screen with Samsung devices with an Add button and Partner devices with an Add button. The Add buttons do nothing. I click, and they highlight temporarily but never open another screen. I can click on scan QR code and it works and I can click on Scan for nearby devices and that starts, but the Add buttons don’t function.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app and still the same result.

I have a new Samsung Dryer I’m attempting to add and when I scan the QR code there it takes me to the ST app, but nothing happens either.

I can’t add anything though, not just the Dryer.

Not related to the app. ST is experiencing some issues today. See the link in the first post.

May be so but it’s still working for me on a device that I have not done the app update on yet.

force quit the app :slight_smile:

The iOS app store release notes say the same thing they have since v1.7.09 and there’s NOTHING in the app itself since 2023/10, so who knows what this release was intended to do…

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You’re so jaded … the version number updated. What more do you want? :grin:

Supposedly Map View was coming but alas. It’s probably best to wait 5 years or so until they have something resembling beta anyway.

It the meantime we’ll see what else they can break.

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Ha! Jaded? Right back at ya! :smile:

(Not holding my breath for Map View, anyway. I had it is our old ADT alarm system and it was all flash and no sizzle. Can do without it…)

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