Sinope vs Stelpro thermostats for electric baseboards & electric fan forced heaters

Does anyone have any experience with either the Sinopé TH1124ZB (Zigbee) or the Stelpro STZ402+ (Zigbee) and how either of them work with Smartthings?

I have a mix of electric baseboards and fan forced electric heaters, and it looks like both of these thermostats will work with my configurations, but I am torn between which one to get for my first one (I hope to buy more if they work out).

Any suggestions?


I’ve had the Sinope TH1123ZB (which is basically the same version, but for 3000W instead of 4000W) for more than 4 months now, and it works very well. I’ve coded the DTH to integrate it to SmartThings, and if it’s important for you, it works well with Amazon echo and Google Home.

I have also the Stelpro Ki STZW402 (z-wave) version, and it works well too, but I don’t know if it integrates as well with Google Home (if it’s important to you)…

Here is the thread for the zigbee version.


Old thread but I thought it would be worth it for anyone searching around like I did.

It looks like there are several versions of the DTH out there - some posted here from GitHub and one on the Sinope website. I recently installed the Sinope TH1123ZB and it worked great out of the box. Hands down I think the Sinope looks much better on the wall and other than not having any programming ability is a great product from my experience.

FYI the link to the DTHs is:

I’m excited to try the new TH1300ZB which was supposed to come out in December 2018 but was recently pushed back to January 2019.

The Zigbee version just went on sale! Looking forward to installing mine, I’m hoping there won’t be any teething issues given its just gone on sale.

Did you order and install it? Any issues?

I’m thinking of ordering one too but was hoping for it to be available on Amazon to simplify the ordering process and potential import duties.

Still waiting for it to arrive. I ordered from their US site and got billed in USD, so I’m hoping that it’s coming from a US location and that import duties will not be a thing. I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

I got mine and installed it, no issues at all. And no import duty or any other BS like that, just exorbitant shipping. Other than me wishing they would post the DTHs to GitHub I’m satisfied.

Just installed it. No delivery issues here either. What smartapp are you using to control it?


My zoning smartapp called ScheduleTstatZones can automate the settings of room thermostats used for baseboards or any in-line thermostat’s usage.

For example, you can define your rooms/zones/schedules. In each room, you can associate your room thermostat (if any). Then, you create your own virtual zones (composed of 1 to many rooms). Finally, you define your schedules (with their own day/time combination, you can even associate a ST hello mode).

In GeneralSetup of the smartapp you have the option to **set any room/zone thermostat to eco or off** when the thermostat is not part of your scheduled zones.

For more information about ScheduleTstatZones (look & feel, prerequisites, features, configuration, troubleshooting), refer to the ST community wiki

You can elect one thermostat in your home as the master, and all the ‘slave’ thermostats in your rooms will sync up with it in terms of mode and setpoints.

ScheduleTstatZones is available at my store:


I use the RBoy thermostat, seems to work nicely for these:

Sinope released a new DTH but it has bugs in it. Otherwise all is well.

FYI, if you want to follow that other thread that includes Sinope, here is a link: Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST - #357 by CharlieSinope

Thanks! I just updated to DTH 1.0.3 from 1.0.1. Hopefully it fixes some of the weird issues I was seeing. Looks like there is a fair amount of code churn based on the diff between 1.0.1 and 1.0.3. Hopefully this settles down soon and stabilizes. Wish they had a github page to track this.