Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

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I believe I chose the variable option to make it work, but it should still work in the expression field.

Are you using a decimal or integer type when you declare your thermostatTargetTemp? I believe it needs to be declared as a decimal.

Hello @yvesracine,

When do you think the new Zigbee DTH will be available ?

It’s really too bad since I have already 8 “WIFI/Neviweb” Thermostats in the house. Do you think we could forsee having more flexibility on the “legacy” thermostat as we will have with the new zigbee models ?


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Hi, I’m done with the development, and the Sinope is doing some additional testing… It shouldn’t be too long before they release it. They asked me to develop quite a lot of features, so it took much longer with testing. I’ve tested the DTH with Amazon echo/Google Home at home and it worked well… The resulting DTH should be pretty good (in my book).

As far as the “legacy” wifi, I don’t know. They haven’t talked to me about improving them…


Thanks for the feedback Yves !

@Sinope, @VanessaPepin What are you planning for the “legacy” WIFI models ?

As previously stated, I think early adopters should deserve the same features.


Hi @johny-rock,

We are currently working on making our “legacy” thermostat compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.


The Sinopé Technologies team.

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Hi, The new driver for the Sinope Zigbee Smart thermostats for electric heating (TH1123ZB / TH1124ZB) with outside temperature display is now available for download.
You can get it here: https://www.sinopetech.com/en/support/#api


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I just got a Stelpro Thermostat for a Baseboard Heater (Zwave version)and came up with a simple webCoRE piston to set the temperature based on the Mode in ST. This is my first Piston but I think it will get the job done initially for my needs. I am happy with the Thermostat so far and have ordered the Zigbee version for another room.

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I like that piston. I may have to copy it.

Yeah I’m happy so far with the Stelpro Ki’s. I have 3 of them now and I need 3 more.

Feel free to use or modify the code, I posted it because i have found tons of useful DH and SmartApps that others have shared and although this isn’t much maybe it will help someone else. After I get my second one I may have to get more inventive because that Thermostat is actually in an adjacent room then the heater, I may have to use a remote sensor to adjust the settings.

Hi @yvesracine

I bought the Zigbee version to do some tests.

On the “WIFI” Device handler, the thermostatOperatingState attribute returns the heating power (0-100%) while on the “Zigbee” version, the same attribute return HEATING or IDLE

I guess both handlers should be consistent regarding the same attribute.

Also, on the zigbee version, is there an attribute that returns the heating % ?


Hi, I’m strictly following the standard ST thermostat capabilities:


You should not be able to access (by default) to “heatingDemand” as this is the custom attribute that stores the %. If you need it, just add it in the header as a string.

This is what I originally thought (That you were following the ST reference)

Even if this is a custom attribute, do you think it is available on the Zigbee version ?
Edit : I should add the following line ?

attribute “heatingDemand”, “string”

If you need it, you can add it as you describe.

It appears to be pulse width modulation signal processing to the unit. That means that the Thermal output from the heater is modulated by turning the heater on and off. As long as there’s no fan or other motor involved this is a good way to have a greater control over the amount of power used and to reduce variation around the setpoint.

It is tied to a PD or PID Loop in the control to the output. IMHO … DFW.

Hi, A new driver version for the Sinope Zigbee Smart thermostats for electric heating (TH1123ZB / TH1124ZB) is now available for download.
You can get it here: https://www.sinopetech.com/en/support/#api20


Hey @CharlieSinope, I was hoping to get one of the TH1300ZB but I noticed it was recently pushed back to January 2019. :frowning: Any word on when they might actually start shipping to the US?

Hi Warren,
We are planning to start shipping the TH1300ZB on the second week of January 2019.

Awesome, look forward to it.

BTW, going forward, any chance that you guys could put the device handlers on GitHub in a ST-friendly repository? I don’t mind looking on the site but it sure is great to see an update when you get it and seamlessly pull it from the repo.

Hi Warren

You can find the drivers for all our products on this page on our website.
Hope it helps you.

I knw but why not put hem on GitHub? So much easier and you don’t have to deal with people using unofficial, old, or other versions. Does that not make good sense?