Stelpro Maestro thermostat, Coming soon

Hi all,

Has anyone seen this from Stelpro? Looks like they’re coming out with a new high voltage smart thermostat that has a master and slaves… just not clear if it will support zwave or ZigBee.


Haven’t found any info on this… wondering if I should wait. I guess more for people without smart hubs?

Spoke with someone from Stelpro and it’s ZigBee so it should work with ST.

Still waiting on official launch though!

But what is better about it? Definitely more stylish :slight_smile: I was hoping for deals on smart baseboard tstats this BF but doesn’t seem like it…

The big thing is the ability to control all your rooms via a single master panel; 1 master panel, many slave panels.

So I would agree with your statement that it really benefits people without a HA hub.

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Any idea when it will be available or a price?
I will take either this or the new sinope zigbee when it is re stocked.

They told me it is supposed to be out in January 2018

I found that pdf from their website, it shows the details of the Maestro Line:

Hey All!

So I finally found Maestro avaliable for sale at the Canadian store:
CND$199 Cotroller :
CND99$ Add on thermostat :

I called them today they said they have it in stock, free delivery across Canada.

I havent found any, ANY, reviews or videos online regarding this device though.

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Did anyone try out this thermostat? This seems like the best thermostat available for baseboard heaters.

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Would love an update on this, as I might need to buy like 10 of them for different pieces of the house

Hi all,

You may get all the latest info here:

I got 3 Sinope and it works perfectly with Smartthings and google home.
I did not got with the Stelpro because they were not yet available.

I recently bought 4 of the white ones and one controller. They are pretty cool… Easy to setup and works really well. If you want to use it with smart things , then you won’t need the controller


In the app when i select the Thermostat i get a Can’t connect to the device. But online i see the thermostat, temperature and setpoint. Is there anithing that i need to look ?

Until it is officially integrated into the SmartThings platform (which should occur within a month or so) please use the “SmartThings Classic” app.

How do you like the thermostats so far?

I’m a bit concerned about the fact they are Zigbee instead of Zwave.

Also, since i don’t need the master, will i have the same features? Ajusting to outside temperature, geofencing, energy consumption, etc…

Between Mysa, Sinope and Maestro, i’m not quite sure yet.

Just installed my Maestro. I am unable to link it to SmartThings. The instructions on the app doesn’t match was shows on the Maestro device. I’ve posted some tweets