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Stelpro Maestro thermostat, Coming soon

(Benjamin Leroux) #1

Hi all,

Has anyone seen this from Stelpro? Looks like they’re coming out with a new high voltage smart thermostat that has a master and slaves… just not clear if it will support zwave or ZigBee.



Haven’t found any info on this… wondering if I should wait. I guess more for people without smart hubs?

(Benjamin Leroux) #3

Spoke with someone from Stelpro and it’s ZigBee so it should work with ST.

Still waiting on official launch though!


But what is better about it? Definitely more stylish :slight_smile: I was hoping for deals on smart baseboard tstats this BF but doesn’t seem like it…

(Benjamin Leroux) #5

The big thing is the ability to control all your rooms via a single master panel; 1 master panel, many slave panels.

So I would agree with your statement that it really benefits people without a HA hub.

(Mathieu Rousseau) #6

Any idea when it will be available or a price?
I will take either this or the new sinope zigbee when it is re stocked.

(Mathieu Rousseau) #7

They told me it is supposed to be out in January 2018

I found that pdf from their website, it shows the details of the Maestro Line:

(Igor Panchenko) #8

Hey All!

So I finally found Maestro avaliable for sale at the Canadian store:
CND$199 Cotroller :
CND99$ Add on thermostat :

I called them today they said they have it in stock, free delivery across Canada.

I havent found any, ANY, reviews or videos online regarding this device though.

(Vyas Velan Kalaignani) #9

Did anyone try out this thermostat? This seems like the best thermostat available for baseboard heaters.

(Gyslain Hamel) #10

Would love an update on this, as I might need to buy like 10 of them for different pieces of the house

(J-F) #11

Hi all,

You may get all the latest info here:

(Mathieu Rousseau) #12

I got 3 Sinope and it works perfectly with Smartthings and google home.
I did not got with the Stelpro because they were not yet available.

(Vyas Velan Kalaignani) #13

I recently bought 4 of the white ones and one controller. They are pretty cool… Easy to setup and works really well. If you want to use it with smart things , then you won’t need the controller

(Benoit) #14

In the app when i select the Thermostat i get a Can’t connect to the device. But online i see the thermostat, temperature and setpoint. Is there anithing that i need to look ?

(J-F) #15

Until it is officially integrated into the SmartThings platform (which should occur within a month or so) please use the “SmartThings Classic” app.

(Frederixx) #16

How do you like the thermostats so far?

I’m a bit concerned about the fact they are Zigbee instead of Zwave.

Also, since i don’t need the master, will i have the same features? Ajusting to outside temperature, geofencing, energy consumption, etc…

Between Mysa, Sinope and Maestro, i’m not quite sure yet.