Sinope electric thermostats

I am creating a new post for Sinope thermostats so we don’t spam the other post with various other brands.
Thank you @valeriec for the head up on the coming soon to Smartthings API. I will definitely give it a try when it’s out. So far the one created by @Mdbashi is awesome.
Just a quick question about your announcement. Does that mean the driver is only for the TH1120RF thermostat? I also have the TH1300RF floor heat and it’s working fine with the current API.


I just verified with my developper and you should also be able to control the temperature on our floor heating thermostat TH1300RF.

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I would like to have more information regarding that new upcoming driver.

Will it mean that Smartthings’ hub will be able to “talk” directly with the Sinope thermostat WITHOUT the web gateway?
I think you use a proprietary wireless protocol between thermostat and the gateway so I guess the driver you are working on will only permit the use of the local network between the hub and the gateway to establish the communication… Right now, I think that @Mdbashi uses the external website of Sinope to send the commands…

Thanks the clarifications.

Hi, no matter which API you use, the GT125 Web interface will always be required. As for our API, it will talk to our server to query the thermostat network. An internet connection will be required. I hope I answered your question. If not, please feel free to contact us at


First off, thank you to @Mdbashi for all his work with Sinopé thermostats. It works great.

I am glad to hear from @Valeriec that Sinopé is coming out with a Smartthings API.

My question is this: Will we be able to set the HOME or AWAY modes as we do on the Neviweb gateway ?

The Device Handler from Sinope is out… I’ll probably buy a kit to test it out. Somebody tried it yet?

I tried it, it works great. I just wish we could set the “Away” or "Home"modes with it.

So there’s no way using rules to change the mode/setpoint of the thermostats?

Im testing a Stelpro zwave thermostat and using rles and presence sensors, im able to change the mode to eco so it lowers the setpoint.

Ill have to test the sinope as well before deciding which model Ill use to replace all thermostats in my house but so far, the Stelpro works great.

You can use routine to set the temp. I think rule machine could do it too. Not sure it’s a good idea to go with zwave thermostat and ST at the moment. It’s way too unstable with schedule.

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For now, i’m not using any schedule. I use the presence sensor to switch between eco and comfort setting and it works great.

I agree that if I were to use schedule to lower setpoint during night, it might cause problem with ST right now. Like I said I’ll givr a try with Sinope, ill go purchase the kit.

I have the Stelpro device handler working for my Sinope Thermostats.
I’m trying to set up the Sinope handler, but it’s not working.

  • What do I put for Network ID when creating the device in the ST API?
  • What do I put for Device Name when editing the device in the ST app?
  • How do I match up the Network ID with the Device Name?

Also wish we could change the mode from Home to Away with ST.

They updated the driver, and now it works.
But the Stelpro device handler is still much better, it shows more detail (includes currently heating power) and works just as well.

How do you get this to work with the Sinope thermostat? There is no login field at all? I also tried the new sinope D/H but switch back to @Mdbashi code. It’s much better and more detail.

I’d be curious to hear if there are any opinions on Sinope vs Stelpro. The Sinope thermostats are smaller and look better (hey it’s important when you have 8 of them hanging in every room of the house.) And I think it’s the only one with and off/standby mode?

But I’m concerned about the proprietary hub. It’s one more component in the loop, drivers could be buggy, if they go out of business I end up with a bunch of paperweights.

I want the Sinope but my gut says go with open protocols and get the Stelpro.


EDIT: I just called Stelpro and they said they have a new thermostat coming out for the USA that is the same as the STZW402WB+, but it’s Zigbee (instead of z wave) and it has an off switch. The model number is Stzb402w+ It hasn’t hit the Internet yet but they said local distributors should be able to order it.

I have 12 Sinope thermostats and I am pretty happy with them. So far I have no problem with them. I do have very minimal integration with ST. Only allow ST to turn down the heat and mostly for a quick check of room temp on my wall mount tablet with smarttiles. I still have no confidence in ST to control my heating or any critical system yet. As far as Sinope going out of business. You still have full control of the individual thermostat and I don’t think they are going under anytime soon since the web service is a separate division and are being used by a bunch other brands.
One thing I like the thermostat for not just the look but also the ability to display outside temp and child lock.
I don’t use the home/away mode of the thermostat since I am using routine to turn down the heat and backup by thermostat program schedule.

Thanks Ray.

So if I wanted to use ST to control them, together with a few other (non-sinope) thermostats, that process is pretty seamless? Ideally if like the house to go into away mode automatically when I leave, and I turn it on via the app when I’m in my way home.

That shouldn’t be much of a problem for any smart thermostat with ST to turn down the heat when leaving the house. As for turning the heat up. Are you saying you want to manually turning it on via the app or geofence type of detection? Unless you are going home from the same route everyday or want to turn on the heat when you are leaving work otherwise there is no way to detect your location mid way from work and home.

No I’m happy to turn the heat on manually by opening the app. I’m just wondering whether the fact that some would be z-wave devices connected directly, and others Sinope thermostats going through the Sinope hub, would create any kind of annoyances when defining modes that I want to switch among.


has anyone tried integrating Sinope + ST + Amazon Echo (Alexa)? I have the Sinope + ST setup working. I can control the thermostats from the ST app. Alexa sees the devices, but when asked to perform an action, the response is: “Thermostat is in a mode that doesn’t accept requests. Please change the mode in the app or on the device.”

It was working before but that was during the winter season. I will give it a try tonight when I am home and will let you know. Just curious. Which DH are you using? The official Sinope or the one created by @Mdbashi?