Stelpro STZ402+ ki WIFI Ready Smart Thermostat and ST?

Anybody have the Stelpro zigbee baseboard thermostat working with the Samsung ST hub and ST app?

Yes, I have two of Z-Wave units added to my system and they are both working fine with SmartThings. However, just to make my system more complicated, I am also trying to use a secondary sensor and disable the internal one as both of these thermostats are not located in the best location. I have been able to do what I have described with an Ecobee thermostat using their second sensor but haven’t been able to figure it out with these Stelpro units.

Were you able to get the zigbee version to work? I just installed the Zigbee version and struggling to get it to work as the manufacturer doens’t seem to have published the device handlers even though the thermostat is out in the market.