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Sinope vs Stelpro thermostats for electric baseboards & electric fan forced heaters

(Eli) #1

Does anyone have any experience with either the Sinopé TH1124ZB (Zigbee) or the Stelpro STZ402+ (Zigbee) and how either of them work with Smartthings?

I have a mix of electric baseboards and fan forced electric heaters, and it looks like both of these thermostats will work with my configurations, but I am torn between which one to get for my first one (I hope to buy more if they work out).

Any suggestions?

(Yves Racine) #2


I’ve had the Sinope TH1123ZB (which is basically the same version, but for 3000W instead of 4000W) for more than 4 months now, and it works very well. I’ve coded the DTH to integrate it to SmartThings, and if it’s important for you, it works well with Amazon echo and Google Home.

I have also the Stelpro Ki STZW402 (z-wave) version, and it works well too, but I don’t know if it integrates as well with Google Home (if it’s important to you)…

Here is the thread for the zigbee version.


(Warren) #3

Old thread but I thought it would be worth it for anyone searching around like I did.

It looks like there are several versions of the DTH out there - some posted here from GitHub and one on the Sinope website. I recently installed the Sinope TH1123ZB and it worked great out of the box. Hands down I think the Sinope looks much better on the wall and other than not having any programming ability is a great product from my experience.

FYI the link to the DTHs is:

I’m excited to try the new TH1300ZB which was supposed to come out in December 2018 but was recently pushed back to January 2019.