Several events causing issues in the Hub

Does anyone know how to track down what device would be flooding a hub’s event logs with this:


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You could use the CLI and run a device list and look for the device id from the detail screenshot.

yeah i’ve tried the simple device viewer but i could not find it. Do you recall the command to get that detail and dump it out to a file?

I’m going to head up to my PC shortly and try to check too.

smartthings devices will bring up a list of all devices with id

yeah, and i just rememebred the output too. I should be home shortly to try. It’s killing performance like crazy too.

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As for saving it to a file I don’t know. I just copy it to notepad, save as txt file in ANSI and then import to excel. if you know a better way let me know please!

It was easier than i thought, but the id keeps changing. It’s now a9b32bd0-471e-4de4-b2db-c4d5620a9075 compared to my screenshot above, and every minute it changes. I literally have no way of knowing right now.

Yeah, that is beyond me. Hopefully someone else can help more. Sorry!

No worries! I was thinking along those same lines but that ID seems to be something completely different.

Hi, @johnconstantelo!
When you open the logcat in the CLI, do you also see this kind of message?

Use the flag --all to get all the events. If it doesn’t appear, it is not related to an Edge driver.

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat --hub-address=x.x.x.x --all

Is the access to your account still active?

I’ll check logcat now, and yes access to my account is still active, so check anything you’d like. Thanks for replying.


Wholly cow the events are flying by so fast it’s impossible to see them. Thousands and thousands of events are flying by!

Here’s just a quick snapshot after I stopped it:

I do not see any catchall messages though. I’m also not using any custom DTH’s anymore either.

Did you notice if all the incoming messages were received from the Zigbee Switch driver?
As Edge drivers aren’t fully supported in the IDE, it could be showing “catchall” because it doesn’t recognize something but I’ll check with the team.

Checking, one sec,

Yes, way too many to list. See the image above.

It’s happening so often that device control via a voice assistant or the mobile app isn’t working.

i checked because in the past few days i realized i have problems similar to @johnconstantelo and explained a few things to me.

I don’t have all these messages from the hub, but every now and then some errors, which honestly I had never noticed.
Now I have all the devices online working, so I don’t know what problem there is, I don’t see any.
I have all EDGE drives and no custom device handlers that work on local devices, only for devices in the cloud

Your catchall events are probably unrelated to all of those energy monitoring logs. The default configuration for energy monitoring is definitely excessive though…

For the catchalls, cluster 0x8033 is a binding table response. Source device in the detail screenshot might have a zigbee network id of 2100? I haven’t looked at too many raw zigbee messages so I could be wrong there. I think the id that’s listed on the event is the event id, so not something that could be used to track down a device.

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Hi @johnconstantelo

In the CLI window, press F3 and write in the Window what you want to search for, a network id or device id… and it will mark and count them for youk

I hace one cachall event, with 8033, but only one at day

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Binding table responses seem to be on trend this week, featuring as they did in the Ikea button problems.

Odd. I just got to another location and checked to see what’s up and all those events stopped 3 hours ago. Nothing but a clean event log now. I did nothing btw, but now I have 3 devices offline. I’ll work on those later.