Several hub outages in a row

(Steve) #1


In the last 12 hours I’ve had 6-7 hub outage messages. Does anyone know if there’s a way to see hub uptime (on the hub itself), so that I can tell if it’s the hub restarting or something to do with connectivity?


(Ray) #2

You can login IDE, click on location, hub you want to see event, events. You can pretty much see all the logs of that hub.

Apparently they are doing some upgrade since yesterday. Maybe that’s why you have these issues. Just a guess.

(Steve) #3

Thanks, will check the IDE when I get to a computer. It’s still periodically losing connection after 24 hours, so it sounds like it may be related to updates.

(Steve) #4

Well the hub uptime was showing 17 days, so it seems it wasn’t rebooting. I’ve restarted it to see if it improves.

(sidjohn1) #5

You might want to do an extended test on your internet connection… ping -t

(Mark Hochstein) #6

I’ve spent the day migrating from hub v1 to hub v2. I am getting constant red banner messages saying that the app failed to load “Rooms” or that I am not authorized to perform a certain function. So far I am less impressed with v2 than I was with v1, and that’s not saying much!