RemoteControlReceiver event logs

Anyone have an Idea what this is? My IDE is flooded with these entries. Maybe my Samsung M7 speaker?

There is already a thread on on this…

The mac address of the device is in the logs with that you can figure out the ipaddress and what device is assigned to that ip address. Some devices have the mac address printed on the device itself.

Thank you yes it is my WAM750 now why so many errors?

Those aren’t errors, they are just messages. Some devices are more chatty than others and smartthings logs just about everything.

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Thank i you. I figured it is an error because my WAM750 is giving tons of these IDE errors with the stock handler

Awe yes i see your concern, luckily the 2 are not really related while they are coming from he same device. ssdp is device discovery, so if you align your logs you should see the ssdpTerm messages first as the device is simply saying “HI, I’m still here talk to me i have something to tell you” then you should the device info being parsed by the hub and in this case the error cause the devicetype needs some work on being able to read the message being sent. :slight_smile:

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