Sensor to let me know when dishwasher is done?

What is the best ST device that I can use to push an alert when the dishwasher or dryer is finished?

You can use a ST multipurpose sensor to notify you when motion stops. I bought a few because of the recent sales and I intend to use a couple for that purpose.

Any power report outlet will work. That is provided you have access to the outlet & it isn’t hardwired in. An HEM if it’s hardwired.

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I’ve seen enough posts about folks having problems using the multipurpose sensors for laundry done notification that I would not bother to try myself. Hope you have better luck.

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I think most people get a better response from power measurement than from vibration.
I myself tried sensing movement but didn’t have much sucess.
Modern washers don’t vibrate like they used to

When I started to look ar monitoring power I found it to be much more reliable.
WAF took a major jump up when the house started announcing when the laundry was done

I was actually getting good results with that. Moved it to the dryer when I got a power report outlet… it works well on the dryer too.

Then again, my washer and dryer are quite old. They vibrate.

Power reporting devices have been the most useful devices for creative automations for me.

Which do you recommend?

If the dishwasher is shaking, you might have a problem.


I use either the lowes Iris smart plug (zigbee version) or the aeon labs energy meter.

Thanks. I have two iris sensors but am waiting for Lowe’s to discount them again to pick up a few more.

Last time I bought 12.

@BBoy486 - Not clear from what wrote above, but I hope you aren’t still thinking of using a motion sensor for this - I would not expect that to work for a dishwasher unless (as noted above) something is wrong with it.

You really should focus on energy monitoring to do this via a smart plug or energy meter/monitor.

The Iris smart switch not sensor. Sorry.

I’m in the UK and we don’t have Iris but I just use a simple ‘pocket socket’ as you guys call them and sense the load.
This is rated at 13a which is correct for my machines.

If the load drops below a certain level (and stays there for at least 2 minutes) I get the house to announce that the machine has finished

Easy peasy!

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Pocket socket?

Americanism for smart plug-in socket :slight_smile:


This thread inspired me to do the following…

My washing machine is basically silent. You can’t tell what it is doing, if anything. It also doesn’t have any lights or indicator of it’s status.

Using a power meter and a spare LIFX LED strip I had… I tracked the power usage using webCoRE fuel streams. Figured out the right power levels per state (and sequence).

When you start a load, I set the level to 50% and color temperature to 8000 to indicate it is running. When the dishwasher is drying I set the level to 50% and color temperature to 4000. When the load is done I run the breathe effect for 30 minutes at a rate of 1 breathe every 3 seconds at 50% brightness and 2750 color temperature. After 30 minutes the breathe effect stops and the light is off.

If you open the dishwasher and the dishes are dirty, I turn the light on bright so you know they are dirty.

I can tell when you open and close the door based on the power usage. The lights turn on and off and use .2 watts when off and 2.9 watts when on.

I actually track each state but don’t really care to know each one, just washing, drying, and done.


First real test tonight! Once I know this is working well, I’ll add in logic to turn the light off when we are sleeping for the night and restart the done breathe effect when we get up.


I use a Temperature sensor and webcore…If temp is above X for Y amount of time then temp drops below X push notification

Adding…Temp sensor is located under the dishwasher with the fill tube running over it

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It’s washing…