Zwave Vibration Sensor to monitor Washer & Dryer

Can anyone recommend a Vibration sensor for monitoring when my washer and/or dryer is running? Or suggest another way to monitor it?

I have a V3 ST hub and prefer (actually like the old app better but…) to use the new app.


You could use ST’s multipurpose sensor to detect vibration, but if it’s close to other things that would cause vibration or bang into/on those appliances you could get false notifications. It’s certainly doable any many people here have done that.

Another option could be to add a power monitoring wall plug. I use GE’s GE Zigbee wall plugs on my washer and dryer (gas dryer is only 120 volts) and those work great along with being great Zigbee mesh repeaters. But @TheSmartestHouse has these that also work great: (I use to have several of these)


Thank you, I like the power monitor idea. We have an electric dryer, I currently use the Aeotec HDSS on a big pump (just on/off for irrigation Based on soil moisture levels), I think it does power monitoring as well .


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Using Vibration for detecting on and off can be hit or miss.

Originally, with the dryer that came with the house, using a smartthings multi-sensor to detect on and off worked flawlessly. Always correct detection.

Then the dryer died, got a new dryer. The new dryer does not vibrate enough to enable on/off detection using the smartthings multi-purpose sensor.

For the washer use a smart-things power plug. This works to detect on and off.

The dryer is 220V so cannot use a smartthings outlet.

If your washer and dryer have an LED that stays on while they’re running then the sensor below works great.

Some SmartApps for this purpose here:

You can have a look on the topics (all 3 to have some ideas how to do it.)

I saw in one of the other threads someone used the Aeotec Smart Energy meter,I have one that is “underdeployed”, It sound like it could be used to detect a load?

I’m going to test a motion sensor on the dryer and a smart plug on the washer.

I’m guessing Webcore is the way to get the automation set up, even with the new app.


Yup, you can certainly do that. I’ve seen people put one clamp on the washer and one on the dryer. If you opt for that setup, you will need a custom DTH to split and report out each clamp’s data because by default it reports data for the whole meter.

You can also still use the HEM with the stock ST DTH, but you’ll have to put each clamp around the hot and neutral wires of the power cord. I’ve seen people do that by purchasing a separate heavy load pigtail and separating those wires from each other. It will require one of those pigtails that are flat where you can carefully do this.

Lastly, you could clamp around the wires within your electrical panel. That’s another questionable option, but I still wouldn’t do that either unless I was absolutely sure of what I was doing.

I don’t believe you’ll be happy with the motion sensor on the dryer, but the plug on the washer will work very well.

You can do this without Webcore in either app. In the new app, set up an automation. In the Classic app, go to the Marketplace -> SmartApps. Tap on Energy Management and then Energy Alerts.

New app example:

Have the dryer alert working with Smartthings multisensor (motion), Webcore, Automations and Echo Speaks. IIt sends a text, Turns on an outside light, and announces over 4 alexa units. Only issue was with Oauth and Echo Speaks, switching from Chrome to Safari solved the problem.

Today Ill set up the washing machine using the Zooz Power Switch.

Thanks, for all of the ideas and input!


I’ve repurposed the motion sensor I was using for the dryer sensor and have set up the Aeotec smart energy meter. I have opened up the cable and have a clamp around the Black wire (hot). I’m using the 2014 Barry Burke, V3 hub, new & old app.
The device doesn’t update in smartthings, and it almost seeems lik it is an agregate number it displays. When I pull the plug and the power goes back to 0 the automation works. Am I using the wrong DTH? Thks

My Zen15 is arriving later today. I’d like to use it with my washing machine (and the HomeSeer Flex indicator light sensor when it finally arrives, for the dryer) to trigger an Echo Speaks action to announce that the washer (and dryer, eventually) is done with a load. But I just realized that any “goes below” condition is predicated on the app knowing it was only temporarily “above” that set point. What condition do I add to a recipe so that it looks for the power to be above the nominal “off” point before sensing that it has reached or gone below below it?