Trying to turn my analog dryer smart

So here’s my conundrum…I want my dryer to be helpful. I want it to tell me when it’s done.

Here’s how I envision it. I have a multipurpose sensor on the door. That way it can sense vibration, temperature and if the door is open or closed. Only problem is, I don’t know how/if I can write a rule to only alert me when it’s done. When vibration stops…except that any time the appliance is bumped it will send me a notification that it’s done…

Is there a way, to write a rule that basically says, when vibration is detected for ‘n’ minutes AND then stops and is inactive for ‘n’ minutes while the door is closed. (I thought about temperatures as a part but I have to run more tests because it only got up to 75 degrees and that could be problematic in the summer)

Help? Thoughts?

The same question was asked here.

Do you have your washing machine connected to your dryer? Side-by-side or on the top of each other? Then motion will not be the right choice for you.

This might be easier with a power sensing smart plug. When power was above x watts for n minutes, and then drops below x watts, send a notification. I do this for a 3D printer that I have in my basement so I know when it is done. If you use Webcore, then you can import this
piston. You willneed to monitor a couple of drying cycles to se the power usage to set up the limits correctly.

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No, they’re separated. The washer has a power sensing plug on it.

That is good news. Then the vibration sensor can work.
Probably Webcore is a good way to define complex rules.
Does your dryer have extended cool down? Or function where it still turns when the clothes are finished, like anti-crease. That can be another issue.

I didn’t think about a power sensing plug for the dryer…I honestly didn’t even look to see if there are 220v plugs. I have a Wemo insight plug on the washer which works decently well. Being able to do that for the dryer might work. Any suggestions to a good voltage sensing plug for 220v?

You won’t find a 220v smart plug. He’s referring to a 110v line that is there for Gas powered dryers. So, the 110 only runs the tumbler part and therefore doesn’t need 220.

Does your dryer have a “done” light that turns on when the load is done? If so, you could use any number of detection methods for that. If not, you could try a vibration detector attached to the dryer but that isn’t the best way, IMHO, because my dryer doesn’t vibrate enough and it doesn’t detect when the dryer is done but in “wrinkle prevent mode” where it’s still spinning but no heat is on, which my dryer goes into at the end of the cycle.

The only reliable method is some way to sense the power going to the dryer. There are whole-home solutions that can do this or there are solutions that attach just to the line going to the dryer. This is the most accurate way to accurately detect when the load is complete that i have been able to find.

Ahh. I have only ever had gas dryers. Didn’t consder 220V.

Maybe this:

Or This:

That would control the power to the dryer but I don’t see where it does energy reporting. Plus, it’s wifi so you’d have to figure out a way to hook it to smartthings. I have an Electric dryer and i did extensive searching for an appropriate smart plug. One does not exist (or didn’t a year ago at least).

The SmartThings plugs are power metering plugs. Up to 12A.

Figaro has power metering plug too up to 2500W.

And Fibaro has wall sockets with 16A and power metering too.

I just use the buzzer. It’s wireless, I can hear it throughout the house, and I don’t even need to have my phone on me :grin:

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I’m pretty sure ours doesn’t work…plus, I like to know if it’s done when someone else sets the dryer. That way I know if there’s stuff that needs to get done when I get home. :joy:

Tragically, I think the fibaro ones are not built for the US electrical standard. :unamused:

The US ST plugs are not the correct configuration for a 220v dryer. The socket is not correct, regardless of the number of amps it supports.
Fibaro plugs also will not support the correct outlet type.

This is one of the types of sockets that you need for an electric dryer.


I know of no smart plug that comes in that socket type that is ST compatible.

Here is the absolute simplist way. This device goes INSIDE the dryer drum and notifies you when it stops.

Can that be linked to ST?

Then a smart heavy duty relay could do the job.

That says it’s rated for a resistive load. A dryer is not a resistive load I do not believe. It has a motor and a heater in it.

That device is also $100. I don’t know anyone who would be willing to spend that kind of money just for dryer done notifications.

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Look at the Smart Samsung dryers how much they cost above a normal one. :wink:

Well, I wouldn’t buy one of those either. LOL

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