Schlage Lock Connect


I am new to this. I am considering buying a Schlage lock to Smartthings. Do I need to first connect the Schlage lock using the Schlage connect or can I just connect it directly to Smartthings hub without doing so? Thanks. Yustos

Which model are you buying? Most of us Schagw users use the Camelot zwave model with touchscreen. And I think Amazin has a deal with buy one get one free… Please confirm which models though.

I use the lock manually but I have it added to ST to check the status only. I don’t open/close via ST.

haven’t decided? any recomendations Ron?

I am not an expert. Just an average user. :slight_smile: I went with the Schlage Camelot touch screen (aged bronze) with zwave. Works fine for me. I am sure others can chime in.


Thanks Ron. Did you need to use Schlage connect to connect it to your smart home or dis you connect it directly through smarthings hub?

I am not aware of Schage Connect for the zwave model that I have. I simply connected it as basic lock with nothing to do with ST or automation. Later I integrated with ST where it paired as a basic zwave lock. @ethayer, @garyd9 and others built some great stuff on top of that and extremely popular in the community.

great,thanks Ron, I’ll check it out :smile:

You will not need the Schlage app. You will connect the Zwave Schlage lock directly to the SmartThings hub and use the SmartThings app. Provided it is a compatible model. :sunglasses:

Installation instructions for the various Schlage models that work with SmartThings are in the official knowledgebase:

Same here. For the OP, be aware when comparing prices that besides the multiple finishes, this lockset is available in two different models that look outwardly identical - the BE368 and BE369. The BE368 has no built-in alarm, but is otherwise the same. Enjoy!

Thanks Bob. Does this model come with a lever or a handle to pull the door open from the inside ?

I am replacing an old fashioned brass knob type lock that you just twist to open the door, so I assume that model you mentioned goes where that current knob is, but how do you pull the door open on the inside? Currently I pull on the brass knob? What you pull now?

Thanks JD Roberts, I will look into that :smile:

Just the normal twist knob on the inside (i.e., it’s only a deadbolt replacement). Here’s mine, with the matching Schlage leverset (forgot to mention mine is a bright brass BE368).

Ok thanks Bob, what I currently have is different : just one bolt, so maybe I can use simply as a handle without the second bolt that you have ?

It sounds like you are describing a single-latch lock. The Schlage units mentioned here are separate deadbolts (the upper unit in my picture). There may very well be ST-compatible units like you want, but I’m not familiar with them. Check Amazon etc. for “Z-wave locks” and “Z-wave single-latch lock” and see what you come up with. If you can find what you need, there is probably an ST-approved or custom device handler available to make it work.

Also be aware that if you intention is to re-key the “smart” lock to match your existing locks, that Schlage and Kwikset are incompatible. As a result, you’ll either have to live with the end result of two different keys for your house, or change out everything else. A locksmith can possibly change a Schlage lock cylinder to the Kwikset style, but it will be less secure. I don’t know anything about Yale lock compatibility, so maybe someone else can chime in with that info.

You just have to look at the available models, they have a lot of different configurations.

It’s the internal Z wave module that makes it compatible with SmartThings so as long as it uses zwave that part is OK. Then you pick the hardware that has the hardware features you want. :sunglasses:

That’s exactly it Bob, a single latch lock. I really like the unit you have and I want to buy it, but I will have to see how I can add a handle to pull the door open from the inside. Thanks for you help :smile:

Glad to be of service (it doesn’t happen often :smile: ),
I think there are Yale units like you want, or you could have a locksmith or finish carpenter dril and route your door for a separate deadbolt. Go with JD’s suggestion… search online, and you’ll find that the choices are almost overwhelming!

Another option is just to add a pull handle or knob that doesn’t turn, like a closet French door knob, on the inside. Then you can add anything you like. It’s the deadbolt that secures the door the knob is just to be able to pull it open. These are sometimes called “dummy knobs.”

Schlage makes dummy knobs in most of their finishes.

Thanks @JDRoberts, I think I’ll go with the lever model as it seems to fit better what i am trying to replace :slight_smile:

Thanks again @JDRoberts, I think I’d have to dig a 1 inch hole to convert from a simple single latch (1/4 inch long) to a deadbolt, which goes deeper into the door (1 inch), so I 'll go with the schlage lever model. :smile: